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CAT Exam Eligibility 2022

Looking to find out CAT Exam Eligibility 2022? Read on to get all the details!
CAT 2022 official notification was released on Jul 30, 2022 and the MBA/PGDM entrance exam will be conducted on Nov 27, 2022.
When Will CAT Be Held?
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CAT 2022 exam will be held online for a total duration of two hours. In the allotted time, candidates must answer 66 objective-type questions.
How Will The Exam Be Held?
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There could be different evaluation patterns adopted by universities, the CAT Committee has removed the minimum percentage of marks for appearing for the CAT 2022 exam.
Minimum Marks Required
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The institute that a candidate has studied should abide by the Act of Parliament or State Legislature in India or be declared to be deemed under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956.
The Institute That Student Should Study From
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Age Limit
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Under CAT 2022 eligibility, there is no restriction on the upper age limit of a candidate.
Number Of Attempts
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There is no limit to the number of attempts.
Work Experience
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Candidates need to fill in information about work experience (if any) in the application form. It is not a criterion to be fulfilled to attempt the entrance exam.
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