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CAT Admit Card Release Date -Know When to Download?

CAT Admit cards will be released soon. Read through to know when and how to download them.
CAT admit card 2022 will be released on October 27, 2022, on the official website.
CAT Admit Card Release Date
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The steps for downloading the CAT admit card are shown in the next slides. Tap to know them.
How to Download the CAT Admit Card?
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Candidates should visit the CAT's official website, iimcat.ac.in.
Step 1
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Enter your username and password to log in.
Step 2
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On the right side of the homepage, click "Download Admit Card."
Step 3
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You will be redirected to the applicant profile.
Step 4
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To store the admit card for later use, click on the ''Download Admit Card'' option.
Step 5
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After downloading, verify details such as name, registration number, exam day instructions, test center venue, and timings.
Important Advice
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To get more details about the CAT admit card release, visit the official GMU page!
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