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CAT 2022 Score vs Percentile: How to Calculate Them?

Having a hard time wondering how to calculate CAT Score vs Percentile 2022. Take a look at these steps to calculate.
What is CAT Score & CAT Percentile?
The candidate's performance in the test and their final score are indicated by their CAT score. Contrarily, the CAT 2022 percentile represents the candidate's relative score as opposed to all other candidates.
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How to Calculate CAT 2022 Score & Percentile?
Both of the scores are calculated differently, here are the steps for calculating CAT Score, Percentile and the conversion stage.
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CAT Score Calculation: Step 1
Multiply the number of right answers that were scored on the CAT exam by three.
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CAT Score Calculation: Step 2
Calculate the wrong answer and deduct it from the amount you arrive at by multiplying the total number of right answers by 3. The resultant number is your CAT score.
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CAT Percentile Calculation
Just like other exams, the percentile computation is completed. The next step is to divide your all-India rank by the total number of candidates and multiply by100. The formula is: CAT= (1- All India Rank/Total Candidates in the Exam)*100
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CAT Percentile Calculation: Example
There are total of 1,000 candidates who have sat CAT. You scored 2nd rank on the entrance test, i.e., 998 candidates scored less than you. Now percentile calculation as follows: 998/1000*100 = 99.8. So 99.8 percentile is what you scored.
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CAT Score vs Percentile Conversion Stage
One can also convert CAT score into percentile. It generally involves three stages: CAT Raw Scores, CAT Raw Score to CAT Scaled Score, CAT Scale Score to CAT Percentile Score.
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