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CAT 2022 Results Out: 11 Men Topping the List

CAT 2022 results are declared, and 11 male candidates have secured a perfect 100 percentile. Tap to learn more.
Result Date
IIM Bangalore announced the results for CAT 2022 on December 21, 2022. Candidates can visit the official website: iimcat.ac to check the results.
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Exam Statistics
Around 2.55 lakh aspirants registered for CAT 2022, out of which 2.22 lakh candidates appeared for the exam. 35% of the students were females, 65% of them were males, and there were four transgender candidates.
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Facts about the Top Scorers
Interestingly, all the candidates who got a 100 percentile in CAT this year are males. Also, it was the third time for Maruti Konduri, a start-up founder, to secure a perfect score of 100 percentile. 
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100 Percentile Achievers
Number of Toppers: 11
Male: 11
Female: 0
Engineering: 10
Non-Engineering: 1
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99.99 Percentile Scorers
Number of Toppers: 22
Male: 21
Female: 1
Engineering: 16
Non-Engineering: 6
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99.98 Percentile Achievers
Number of Toppers: 22
Male: 19
Female: 3
Engineering: 15
Non-Engineering: 7
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For more updates on CAT 2022 results, check out the GMU website!
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