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Career Opportunities After NEET PG in India

Are you preparing for the NEET PG exam? Click here for a list of career options after NEET PG in India!
It is one of the most flooded fields in the medical path. However, practising MBBS after qualifying for NEET PG is more of a direct way to enter the path of your dream.
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Getting into clinical research is also one of the options. Students who desire to grow and develop through research can opt for Clinical Research from their desired institute.
2. Clinical Research
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Aspirants who want to become dentists can go on with dentistry through BDS after NEET. Furthermore, scholars can also set up their clinics in future.
3. Dentist (BDS)
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If you have the spark to serve in the education field, candidates can also pursue a teaching career in the medical field. There are plenty of medical colleges hiring NEET candidates on an attractive package.
4. Medicinal Teaching
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Reviewed as a remunerative career option, candidates can proceed as legal medical advisors after their MBBS. This is one of the most demanding career options in the medical field.
5. Legal Medical Advisor
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