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Can SSC CGL become IAS?

Here is the answer to finding out if you can become a IAS from SSC CGL. To know more tap right.
What is SSC CGL?
The Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC CGL exam to select Group B and C officers for various jobs within the Indian government organisation.
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What is IAS?
It is is the executive branch of the All India Services of the Indian government, where candidates are chosen through UPSC examinations.
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Can SSC CGL becmoe IAS?
No, SSC CGL officer cannot become an IAS even through promotion. But there are few positions that have the same perk as IAS. One can also appear for UPSC after SSC CGL to become IAS.
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What are the options for SSC CGL as those near to IAS?
Options that are near to SSC CGL are: Assistant section officer, Assistant Audit Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer.
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Assistant Section Officer in CSS
ASO is a Grade B position in the CSS is available for applicants from India. They serve as a link between the Central Secretariat and the Parliament. Mostly a desk job is required for this position.
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The AAO's responsibility is to support the senior audit officer as they audit the financial health and compliance of various government departments.
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Assistant Accounts Officer
The Assistant Accounts Officer will work for the Indian Audit and Accounts Department under the direction of the Controller and Auditor General (CAG).
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