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Best Work from Home Jobs in India

Here is a curated list of best work from home jobs in India.
Content Writer
A content writer is an expert who creates interesting and educational articles to help brands promote their goods.
 Average Earning: INR 30K to 90K
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Social Media Manager
A social media manager is in charge of directing how a business interacts with the public by putting content strategy for social media platforms into practice.
 Average Earning: INR 50K - 100 K
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Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who works from home or another remote location to support clients with their administrative needs. 
Average Earning: INR 50K - 90K
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Web Designer
Many websites and online pages that integrate text with sounds, photos, graphics, and video clips are planned, developed, and coded by web designers. 
Average Earning: INR 60K - 100K
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Online Tutor
Online tutors are may be in charge of planning educational activities, assessing student work, and keeping track of pupil progress.
Average Earning: INR 40K - 80K
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Graphic Designer
The job of a graphic designers establishing needs, envisioning, and producing graphics, including illustrations, logos, layouts, and pictures .
Average Earning: INR 30K - 80K
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The ability to accurately translate written words from one language to another is a requirement for translation.
Average Earning: INR 40K - 70K
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