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Best Study Material for UPSC Exams

Take note of some of the best study materials to help you crack down on the UPSC Exam. Tap to know more.
For sought government positions like IAS, IFS, and IPS, to name a few, the UPSC is a national-level admission test. Tap to read more about the top study materials.
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The Administrative Reforms Commission Reports provide all the essential details covering many aspects of the public administration job.
ARC Report
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These provide the latest data on the growth and development of the country. It is better advised to go through the survey to find the latest statistical data.
Economic Survey
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The latest budget report will give candidates an idea about the new policy, budget allocation, and the country's economic structure.
Budget Report
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These reports provide all the knowledge and latest information regarding the country's financial status.
Finance Commission Report
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The annual reports provide vital points and formulations regarding the updation and alteration in the field of administration and bureaucracy.
Annual Reports by Central Ministries
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Key points can be picked up from current affairs' such as The Hindu Newspaper, Yojana Magazine and Press Information Bureau Releases
Current Affair
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This is a comprehensive document outlining the framework of policy changes. The document provides all the necessary information and knowledge for the examination.
NITI Ayoga Action Agenda
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