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Best Books for TS ECET 2022 Preparation

Preparing for TS ECET? Confused over what books to pick, here we have curated a list of best books to help you kickstart your prep for TS ECET
What is TS ECET?
Telengana State Engineering Common Entrance test is an examination for candidates wishing to study engineering in the state of Telengana. It is mainly for BSc Mathematics and Diploma candidates.

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Netowrk Analysis by Soni and Gupta
The book is primiacry focused for ECE candidates. The books contains detiled and thorough revision guide in netowrk analysis. It is one of the best books to cover during TS ECET prep.

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Electric Circutis by Schaum's Series
Basic laws, theorems, and problem-solving strategies that are covered are given priority. This book can be used as a stand-alone text or as an addition to other texts as a textbook for a first course in circuit analysis.

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Circuit Theory by Chakrobarti
The book covers solved problems and illustrations that is helpful in understanding circuit theory. It is used in wide range of competative examinations apart from TS ECET.

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Solutions of Network Analysis by GK Publication
This is one of the important guidebook while preparing for engineering examination. The book covers wide range of theorams, problems and illustrations with answers.

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Graph Theory by Narsongh Deo
The books provides all the fundamentals to graph and graph theory along with theories and theorams of the graph. It also provides solved papers with graph equation and illustrations.

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Circuit Theory by Roy Choudhary
The books provide all the foundational knowledge for circuit theory along with theorams. Additionally, solved papers with equations and illustrations are provided.

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