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AP ICET 2022 Preparation Tips

Confused about how to prepare for AP ICET? Wondering where to beign and how? Let us break down some tips for you to follow
Research the Syllabus
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Take your time and thoroughly research the syllabus. Know the in and outs of what you need to study and start breaking down the content. This way you will have enough time to prepare and study the syllabus.
Invest in Books
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Get more books, search and research for guides and mock question books. It will give you the detailed idea about he exam and prep tips on how to complete the exam on time.
Make Schedule
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Scheduling is very important. Break the hours into what to study and when. This way you will be able to keep tabs on what you have completed and how much you have to complete.
Consult with Seniors
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Have a talk with seniors and know their experience about the exam. It can give you an important insight into the invigilator scene, the exam hall atmosphere and what to prepare.
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Make sure to revise everything from a - z. More revision you do, the more it will retain in your brain. Always keep a time frame for revision.
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