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7 Tips To Become a Music Composer

To become a Music Composer, one must be creative and have a passion for music. Read on to know how to become one!
Who Should Pursue Music?
Being a music composer is a valuable career if people possess an interest and passion in music. The job prospects available are extensive and varied.
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Job Scope As A Music Composer
Music composers have plenty of job opportunities in advertising, music production, film production and as music teachers in India.
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1. Practice Music!
Practice makes perfect! Aspirants should ensure that they practice composition and other aspects of music every day for at least an hour.
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2. Gain Academic Knowledge
Aspirants must be familiar with music theory and understand rhythm to produce music. Thus one can consider joining music school to gain academic knowledge.
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3. Sign Up For Career Counselling
Meeting with a career counsellor can help students establish a strategy for pursuing their professions because there are many alternatives available to them.
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4. Join A Band
Joining a band is an excellent way to practice music and gain exposure in the music industry. Hence, aspirants can aim to join a music group or a band.
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5. Participate In Internships
Advertising firms and film production companies often hire interns for composing music. Gaining internship experience is a great way to get a foot in the door!
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6. Get Certified!
Gaining certification from renowned music schools can help aspirants build their CV. Example schools are Trinity School of Music and Berklee School of Music.
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7. Don't Give Up!
If you are passionate about music, then being a music composer is for you! The journey might be slightly challenging, but keep practising and you'll succeed!
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