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7 Resume Writing Tips For Assured Job Offers

Take a look at the tips and tricks on writing a good-looking resume for assured job offers.
Make sure to note what the job posting is about, read the employer's criteria properly, and use them in your resume.
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Read the Posting Carefully
Ensure the sentences, articles, nouns, and prepositions are correct and sound grammatically proper.
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Correct Grammar
When making a resume, make sure to use professional and clean fonts. Also, keep the consistency of fonts throughout the paper.
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Use Professional Fonts
Do not use too bombastic and lengthy words; keep them short, crisp, and precise for readability and time purpose.
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Keep it Concise And Short
A resume is a one-page document highlighting critical skills and a CV is a lengthy paper containing complete details regarding qualifications.
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Know the Difference Between Resume and CV
Point out your key achievements and write them down on the resume. Do not make elaborative points about them.
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Highlight Only Key Achievements
After completing the resume, proofread the document thrice to ensure there are no errors and check the complete record thoroughly.
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