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7 Most Important Topics For UGC NET Paper 1 2023

Are You Preparing For The UGC NET Exam 2023? Get The List Of Most Important Topics For UGC NET Paper 1 2023.
Paper 1 in the UGC NET exam concerns 100 marks. There are 50 questions from 10 Units. This paper is conducted along with Paper 2, i.e., subject-concerned.
UGC NET Paper 1 Weightage
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1. Teaching Aptitude
2. Research Aptitude
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Reasoning
5. Communication
6. Data Interpretation
7. ICT
8. People and Environment
9. Higher Education
10. Logical Reasoning
List of Topics in UGC NET Paper 1
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Out of these 10 units in the UGC NET Paper 1 exam, there are 7 most important topics. The Paper 1 exam is of utmost importance as it helps you score marks. Find the list of the seven most important topics here.
Most Important Topics of Paper 1
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This section is one of the easiest with practice questions based on general scenarios. There were around 13-14 questions asked in the previous years from this section.
Teaching Aptitude
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The number of questions asked from the Computer section has increased rapidly. Around 17-20, questions were asked from the ICT chapters in the previous years, giving it the most weightage.
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The DI section is one of the most important and tricked chapters in Paper 1. It has around 12-15 questions every year.
Data Interpretation
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The reasoning section in the UGC NET Paper 1 exam has around 6-8 questions in each exam. The questions are based on simple tricks and mind-tangling situations.
Logical Reasoning
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The Research Aptitude section approximately weights 5-6 questions based on different types of research with examples.
Research Aptitude
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The focus on this chapter of the Paper 1 has increased lately. The question paper now has around 6-8 questions from this section based on education systems in India and abroad.
Higher Education
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This chapter is focused on the environmental changes or measures taken for the same in the previous year. There may be around 8-10 questions from this section, which makes it important.
People, Development, and Environment
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