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6 Tips to Master Organic Chemistry

Are you finding it difficult to study Organic Chemistry? Here are the recommended tips to master Organic Chemistry with ease!
What is Organic Chemistry?
The study of the structure of carbon-containing molecules, their characteristics, content, reactions, and synthesis is known as organic chemistry. The majority of organic compounds are composed of carbon and hydrogen, however they can also contain a variety of additional elements.
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Tips to Study Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry is a difficult topic as it consists of numerous reactions. However, the following tips can be useful for preparing Organic Chemistry easily.
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1. Learn the Basics Thoroughly
Students must master the fundamentals thoroughly since only with a solid foundation can they build upon it. If the students are familiar with the initial material, it will be simpler for them to comprehend the complicated concepts.
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2. Study the Structure Well
There are several compounds in Organic Chemistry. Based on the structural similarities, categorise them. The structure determines the properties. It explains which reactions are likely to occur and which ones are not. Learn to draw structures from names, count bonds, and hybridise distinct atoms. Also, the reactivity of organic compounds properly.
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3. Solve Problems Regularly
Problems are an integral part of Organic Chemistry. Students must spend as much time as possible practising the numerical problems available in the textbooks, reference books and previous year's question papers. Practising the problems regularly can help them solve the equations easily without wasting time.
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4. Create Mind Maps
It is recommended that the students prepare a mind map of the constantly used compounds for reduction and oxidisation while studying. By grouping the compounds, it will be easier for them to solve the reactions quickly.
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5. Understand, Don't Memorise
Rather than simply memorising the reactions and equations, students must focus more on understanding them. Memorise the nomenclature, compounds, and properties, and try to understand what happens when two or more compounds react. This can help the students be more interested in learning the topic.
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6. Find Study Groups/Partners
If students find it difficult to understand certain topics, they must seek help from fellow students or teachers. Through study groups, students can thoroughly understand the topics they already know. They can also find better ways to learn the concepts from others.
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