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5 Top Opportunities & Benefits After Clearing GATE Exam

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PSU jobs offer High pay packages (above Rs 50,000 per month), work-life balance, extra benefits such as oil or electricity at a subsidised rate and support for higher education such as MBA.
Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Entrance
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Nowadays, an MTech qualification is not required to be eligible for a PhD; if you have a B.Tech degree, you can also go for a PhD. The recruitment process for the PhD programme involves a valid GATE score and then facing an interview panel based on the respective interest area.
PhD Entrance
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FPM program has a monthly stipend of INR 29,000-30,000, no tuition fees for four years and nine months, and students who live off-campus will get a HRA of INR 8,000 for a single student and Rs 13,000 for married students.
Fellowship Program in Management (FPM)
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Certain research positions are available through GATE at Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). However, BARC conducts its examination for recruitment. Also, industries like ISRO conduct their exams similarly to GATE.
Research Opportunities
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The GATE score is a mandatory requirement for admission to post-graduate programmes in different IITs and the National Institutes of Technology (NITs). To avail of various opportunities at the top institutes, a good GATE score is required!
Postgraduate (MTech) Entrance
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