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5 Tips to Memorize Integration Formulas

Worried that integration formulas aren't getting into your head? Here are some tips to memorize the integration formulas.
What are Integration Formulas?
Integration by parts, also known as partial integration, is a method used in calculus and more generally in mathematical analysis to calculate the integral of a function's product in terms of the integral of the product of the function's derivative and antiderivative.
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Tips to Memorize Integration Formulas
Integration formulas are difficult topics and memorizing them can be a herculean task. Hence, here are five tips to help you remember integration formulas. 
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1. Practice Makes Perfect
Practice is the key to math's, and this is the first and best way to memorize the formulas. To remember things clearly, continuously practice integration formulas.
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2. Quiz With Flash cards
Using flashcards is one excellent method for learning material quickly. To test your knowledge, use flash cards. This will help you remember key integration formulas and eliminate any ambiguities.
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3. Prepare a Schedule
Scheduling is another key factor when you are practicing to memorize. This will help you stay in track and keep you in loop of what's important and not.
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4. Solve With Variety of Questions
Use a variety of questions to help you remember which formula to apply when answering specific questions. Additionally, you will be aware with various question types and when to use which formula.
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5. Create Mind Maps
It is advised that while learning, the students create a mind map of the integration formulas. They will be able to swiftly answer the questions by consulting this map.
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