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5 Tips to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

Making or breaking an interview requires only an introduction. Here are 5 tips on how to introduce yourself in the interview.
Make sure you are dressed to impressed. The entire attire can give the boost of confidence or break the look. Make sure the formals are up to mark.
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Confident Attire
It means not making long eye contact which can make the entire interview awkward. Keep the eye contact to an optimum to create a good impression.
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No Staring
If you feel you will stutter or stammer, do a quick rehearsal on how you will introduce without sounding monotonous, it should be in a natural way.
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Rehearse your words
Manners make a man, abide by this rule and be mindful of how you behave. It is a key aspect of your behavior that is noticed.
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Body Language and Etiquette
No fidgeting or moving a muscle as this can give the impression of being under confident or lacking attention. If you feel there are nervous ticks, take a deep breath.
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Do not fidget
Do not enter the interviewer's room and straight away start the introduction. Only once the interviewer has asked, you shall began with the formalities of introduction.
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Speak only when spoken to
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