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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Here are five ways to make your resume stand out from the competition.
Respond Directly to the Job Description
If your resume is irrelevant to the job description, you will need to get creative and frame your current skills.
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Describe Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities
Instead of demonstrating your job description, focus on the accomplishments you’ve made while living up to that description.
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Quantify Your Accomplishments
It will give the hiring manager a clearer image of your skills and abilities and help you get on the shortlist for an interview.
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Ignore Irrelevant Information
You might think it’s a good idea to include as much information as possible to pad a weaker resume, but this approach can backfire.
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Make it Visually Appealing
Recruiters will appreciate a well-designed resume, make sure your creativity is professional.
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