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10 Tips and Tricks to Crack Internships

Wondering how to crack an internship? Here are the best tips and tricks to grab that internship offer.
Keep track of the internship application deadline. Try to submit your application as early as possible to avoid any last-minute hassles.
Apply Early
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Customize your resume based on the internship role you are applying for. Also, limit your resume to one page, keep it in the ATS-friendly format, and proofread it multiple times.
Optimize your Resume
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LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with potential recruiters. An impressive profile on LinkedIn can increase your chances of cracking the internship.
Update your LinkedIn Profile
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Most internship processes include the online aptitude test for screening candidates. So work on your verbal, logical, and quantitative abilities to qualify for the aptitude test.
Improve your Aptitude Skills
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Prepare a good introduction & common behavioral questions, research well about the company, have knowledge of core subjects, and you are good to go!
Interview Preparation
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Create a good template/pitch to connect with recruiters. It is advisable to build rapport with the hiring managers and then proceed with asking for a referral.
Connect with Recruiters
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Start networking with your school/college alumni. Send them a short and crisp pitch regarding the internship opportunity that you want to get referred to.
Alumni Network
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Ask your family, friends, or peers to take your interview for the internship. Work on the feedback they give you and practice until you are confident.
Appear for Mock Interviews
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It is a good practice to ask relevant questions to the interviewer. It reflects your interest in the particular internship role and leaves a good impression on them.
Ask Questions
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Lastly, keep calm and appear for the interview process confidently. Most importantly, don't be afraid of rejections. Wish you all the best!
Stay Confident
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