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10 Interesting Facts About IITs

IITs are the premier engineering institutes in the country. Here are 10 Interesting facts about them!
All IITs in India are linked to one another through the IIT Council, which oversees the overall administration.
IIT Council
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Computer Science, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering are the most popular specializations in the B.Tech course.
Most Popular Programs
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The IITs receive around 100-200 million grant from the Indian government every single year.
Government Grants
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The first batch of students at the IITs consisted only boys.
First Batch
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IITs are the only foreign university to be praised by the US Congress for research and innovation.
US Congress
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IIT Kharagpur has a staff quarter named “Bomb House” which was the place used to store bombs by the Britishers during World War.
Bomb House
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IIT Roorkee is said to have the highest internet speed in India, much over the world's average internet speed.
Highest Internet Speed
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Most part of IIT Madras’s premises is a protected forest area where you can find endangered species such as Chital.
Forest Area
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The Australian cricket team came to IIT Madras for net practice.
Australian Cricket Team
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To know more facts about IITs, visit the official GMU page!
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