At the present day, the number of students who studied Post Graduation is increased to almost 100% when compared to the last decade. Hence doing a short-term course is important in order to enhance your existing knowledge. In this competitive world, any little thing that gives you an advantage over the others is beneficial for you.

Here is the list of courses which can be completed in a shorter period explained with the future job opportunities.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Developing course after graduation

You can analyze from the table, the mobile users around the world are getting increased year by year. Yes, Mobile app development has a future as every business regardless of their size is on the track of getting a mobile app developed. You can choose whether iOS or Android. The only thing is you need to have a mac to get started with iOS app development and most of the companies prefer to with Android App alone. Creative mind to design mobile apps better than the competitors and the relevant knowledge in coding is required to shine in this field. You can totally rock as a developer when you have the right skills and a passion for it.

There is also a lot of opportunities available for the skilled freelancers in this field. The Google Play Store is open for your newly created apps and you can earn revenue based on the impact of your app in the users.

The skills required to learn Mobile App Development

  • Coding

  • Creative Designing

  • Adaption to the latest methodology

  • Testing

  • Maintenance to updates

  • Bug fixing skills

Digital Marketing

Short Term Job Oriented Course After Graduation

It is the generation in which all are depended on the Internet. People use online services for many things such as ordering food, booking movie tickets, booking bus/flight tickets and so on. You can admire that all the traditional services are being replaced by online services. Seo (Search Engine Optimization) never end as long as people search in Google. Gone are the day's people look at the signboards and buy things. Nowadays people get complete detail on the internet including the user experience which makes the companies opt Digital Marketing in order to build a better relationship with the customers.

One of the important benefits over Digital Marketing is that it is facilitated with real-time monitoring. The companies can analyze the result of the campaign and make necessary changes to increase the revenue/ profit. Hence the analytical skills and decision making is very important.

The skills required to learn Digital Marketing

  • Analytical skills

  • Decision making

  • Time management

  • Content writing

  • Creativity

  • Basic designing skills

Machine Learning

Machine learning course after graduation

Either in everyday life or in digital format artificial intelligence is going to be the biggest game changer one can ever imagine. AI is a problem-solving process and it includes neural networks and deep learning concepts facilitating the machines do the work equivalent to the way a human mind would.

Gartner report says AI is expected to cover way for close to 2.3 million opportunities by the year 2020. AI is required in every industry to provide customers with exciting products and services. It also makes your salary structure move beyond the expectation as you gain experience in the field.

The skills required for Machine Learning

  • Knowledge of programming languages like Python/C++/R/Java

  • Data Modeling and Evaluation

  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques

  • Probability and Statistics

Animation and Designing

Animation and Designing after graduation

The field of animation is sometimes misunderstood by cartooning, it is simply drawing caricatures of characters whereas the animation gives life into these characters. In India, the animation industry is on the path of expansion. Job prospects for animators are increasing at a very fast phase due to the boom in the entertainment and gaming industry. On an average, a single film requires a team of 500 animators which facilitates huge employment opportunities in the upcoming days. As a freelancer, it is possible to earn by making animation movies/series as there is a boom in video sharing platform such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on. You should be passionate and possess creative thinking in order to shine in the field.

Skills required for Animation and Designing

  • Creativity and Imagination

  • Attention to details

  • Drawing skills

  • Communication skills

  • Ability to coordinate with team


As per the Occupational Outlook Handbook, sketch artists draw publicizing, political, social, and sports kid's shows. A few sketch artists work with craftsmen who make the thought or story and compose subtitles, and here and there the visual artist will compose inscriptions themselves. Most sketch artists have basic, comic, or emotional gifts notwithstanding drawing aptitudes. While numerous visual artists work for papers, magazines, and other print productions, some likewise work in the TV and film industry. Television and film illustrator may draw enlivened kid's shows, plan model illustrations and portrayals of characters, and draw enhancements for activity ventures.

Sketch artists/ cartoonists work for activity studios, film and video studios, animation systems, gaming organizations, print distributions, and distributing organizations. In the activity business, they render illustrations of characters, conditions, and items for little and extensive scale creations. Extra obligations may incorporate creating states of mind and shading designs, performing an activity, and make and paint foundation scenes. Visual artists may draw characters and scenes physically, on the PC or a blend of both.

Fashion Designer

What do you need to do in order to become a fashion designer?

  • Study Fashion Design. 
  • Build up Your Skills. 
  • Center Your Efforts. 
  • Discover Your USP.
  • Construct Your Brand. 
  • System Constantly.
  • Be Prepared to Start Small. 
  • Be Unwilling to Quit.

You'll additionally need to ready to spot patterns. You will, for the most part, need a pertinent advanced education capability, for example, an establishment degree, HND or degree to be a style originator. A course that instructs both plan and specialized aptitudes will give you the pragmatic information that you have to work in the business.

  • Skills required:
  • High on Creativity and Artistic Skills.
  • Phenomenal Drawing Ability.
  • Fine Eye for Detail.
  • Solid Visualization Skills.
  • A Sharp Business Sense.
  • Enthusiasm for Evergreen Trends.

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