United Nations Regional Courses in International Law

United Nations Regional Courses in International Law

Conducted By : United Nations
June 18 2018     Open to Law Students   Global
 About United Nations Regional Courses in International Law
  • United Nations Regional Courses in International Law is conducted under the United Nations Programme of Assistance in the Teaching, Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of International Law.
  • The Regional Courses have been held periodically since 1967 depending on the willingness of a Government. To date, twenty-nine Regional Courses have been held in various countries.
  • The Regional Courses will be carried out in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific.

This page in detail deals with the Asia Pacific:

  • The Regional Course for Asia-Pacific is organized by the Codification Division, in cooperation with the Government of Thailand and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  • Objective: The Regional Courses provide high-quality training by leading scholars and practitioners on a broad range of core subjects of international law, as well as specific subjects of particular interest to the countries in a given region.

What is Exactly Regional Course?

  • Courses in International Law will be conducted in the form of interactive seminars and discussions to allow a maximum exchange of views.
  • The participants are required to contribute to the discussions on the various topics included in the curriculum of the Regional Courses.
  • A comprehensive set of training materials is provided for each participant at the beginning of the Regional Course.

Regional Course for Asia-Pacific

  • The Regional Course will be conducted in English.
  • The course will accommodate up to 30 participants.
  • Candidates must have a legal background with professional experience in the field of international law.
  • Application from female candidates are strongly encouraged
  • Qualified professionals, in particular, government officials and teachers of international law from developing countries and countries with emerging economies, are eligible to participate
 Reward Description

United Nations Regional Courses in International Law Reward:

  • The accommodation, meals, medical insurance, participation in the Regional Course and the training materials of the fellows will be borne.
  • Selected candidates will also receive a stipend to cover other living expenses.
  • Selected candidates may also apply for self-funded positions.
  • Self-funded participants bear all costs associated with their participation
  • Training materials and lunches during the weekdays are provided to all candidates.
 Application Process

United Nations Regional Courses in International Law Application Process:

  • The application process for the 2016 Regional Course for Asia-Pacifica is currently being accepted. The deadline for the Application is 18th June 2018.
  • The application form contains ten pages. Candidates are required to download the application form and fill it in English, typewritten
  • The "Letter of Transmission" must be completed and signed by a senior official of the institution that presents the candidate’s application
  • In addition, the candidate whose mother tongue or language of instruction is not English must submit evidence of his/her ability to attend and participate in lectures and seminars conducted in English

Enclosures to be submitted with the Application Form

  • With clear indication of which course you are applying to
  • With a signed Letter of Transmission (Part I)
  • With signed Recommendation (Part III)
  • evidence of required linguistic skills, if applicable

Submission of the Application form

The duly filled in Application form along with above-mentioned enclosures has to be submitted electrically via Email to rcil-asia@un.org before 18th June 2018.

Two versions of the application form must be submitted:

  • One scanned copy of the signed original (for example in pdf or jpg.)
  • One electronic MS Word version (or equivalent) of the application
 Selection Process

United Nations Regional Courses in International Law Selection Process:

  • The selection of the candidates for the Regional Courses will be done on the basis of below-mentioned measures:
  • Candidates' qualifications will be given due consideration.
    • The scope of their professional duties
    • The relevance of the training to their professional duties
    • The gender balance of the fellowships.
  • Candidates who are already present in the host city i.e. Bangkok will be surely considered.
 Contact Details
  • For any additional questions feel free to contact: rcil-asia@un.org