Harvard Academy Scholars Program (Global)

Harvard Academy Scholars Program (Global)

Conducted By : The Harvard University
October 1 2018   Scholarship   Doctorate (PhD)   Global
 About Harvard Academy Scholars Program (Global)
  • Academy Scholars Program offered by Harvard Academy is open to all recent Ph.D. recipients and doctoral candidates
  • The main aim of the Harvard Academy Scholars Program is to identify and train social scientists in area studies, focusing on non-Western areas of the world.
  • Selected Academy Scholars gets full support from the Harvard Academy while they undertake research and writing for two years at Harvard University. Each year the Harvard Academy receives over 500 applications for scholarships and selects four to six for two years in residence as Academy Scholars.
  • Candidates are given considerable stipends and support for their research and regarding writing at Harvard.
  • The Senior Scholars, a distinguished group of senior Harvard University faculty members, act as mentors to the Academy Scholars to help them achieve their intellectual potential.

 Accepted Fields of Study for Harvard Academy Scholars Program

African Studies


Asian Studies


East Asian Languages and Civilizations


Ethnic Studies


Global Health


History of Science—non-Western


Inner Asian and Altaic Studies

International Relations

Latin American and Iberian Studies



Medieval Studies—non-Western

Middle East Studies

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Political Economy and Government

Political Science


Public policy

Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Sanskrit and Indian Studies

Slavic Languages and Civilization

Social Policy

South Asian Studies

Social Studies


Ukrainian Studies

Southeast Asian Studies

Women, Gender, & Sexuality - non-Western(this list is not exhaustive)

  • Harvard Academy Scholars Program is open to scholars from all countries and citizenships.
  • In case of Predoctoral candidates, at the time of application, they must have finished all field research work and be in the writing stage of their dissertation.
  • In case the candidate has completed his/her Ph. D then completion date must be within three years of October 1, 2018.
 Reward Description

Harvard Academy Scholars Program Reward:

  • Postdoctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $67,000.
  • Predoctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $31,000.
  • This stipend is supplemented by funding for conference and research travel, research assistants and health insurance coverage. Some teaching is permitted but not required.

Other Benefits:

  • All the selected candidates should be available to travel for a personal interview on December 15, 2015.
  • The Harvard Academy will arrange and pay for all travel and hotel accommodations for the finalists to interview in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Academy Scholars are appointed for two years by the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies and are provided time, guidance, and access to Harvard University facilities.
  • Academy Scholars are expected to reside in the Cambridge/Boston area for the duration of their appointments unless traveling for pre-approved research purposes.
 Application Process

Academy Scholars Program Application Process:

  • Applications are welcome from qualified persons without regard to nationality, gender, or race.
  • Candidates can apply ONLINE at the official website of the Academy.
  • All parts of the Application have to be submitted online except for the official Ph.D.program transcript which must be mailed to the Academy at the below mentioned address before October 1, 2018.

The Academy Scholars Program
Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
1727 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Enclosures to be sent along with the Application Form

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  • Research proposal (2500 word maximum)
  • Official PhD program transcript
  • Three letters of recommendation

Specifications about Research Proposals

  • Word Length: Maximum: 2500 Words
  • Candidates are allowed to include footnotes, endnotes and bibliographies in their proposed research statement.
  • References will not be counted towards the 2500-word maximum for the research statement.
  • No copies of published papers or abstracts will be accepted
 Selection Process

Harvard Academy Scholars Program Selection Process:

  • Getting selected for Harvard Scholarships is very competitive. Every year the selection depends upon the plans of the other Academy Scholars at the Harvard Academy as well as the Research Proposal submitted. 
  • At Harvard Academy, every selected scholar is awarded four terms of residence along with a stipend. The four terms must be taken within four years of the fall term after the initial selection.
  • Final Selection: Final Selection of the candidate will be done on the basis of the Interview scheduled to be conducted early in December 2018, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
 Contact Details
  • Address: The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, 1727 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Telephone: 617.495.2137
  • Fax: 617.496.9592
  • E-mail: khoover@wcfia.harvard.edu (Kathleen Hoover, Program Coordinator)

And for application based queries; applicationinquiries@wcfia.harvard.edu