Riya Bhardwaj

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Political Science) | Batch of 2022

Riya Bhardwaj's Review on Maitreyi college, Delhi University, New Delhi

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 05 Dec 2019

Academics & Faculty
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10 /10

I have my classes from 9:30 or some days 10:30 am. Class timings are quite fine for me. They mostly end by 12:30.

Method of teaching is the same as per the guidelines of Delhi University.

My overall experience in Maitreyi is very nice.

Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

Maitreyi College, Delhi University, New Delhi Fee Structure. The course fee is about INR 5,105.

No scholarships probably or rather I don’t have any idea about them if they are any

Loans are not needed to pay the fees and the fees for Delhi University is very less and every individual has the capacity to pay the amount

Placements & Alumni Network
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5 /10

No internships done yet

Internships for our college have still not came officially so I don’t have any idea about how these companies hire students from our campus.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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10 /10

Hotel in Maitreyi college is still under construction. It will be ready soon.

PGs are there nearby our colleges which is in place Satya Niketan and Anand Niketan. PG rates usually differ but a normal room with cooking facility costs about 7 thousand per month.

The food available to us is really cheap in price but is very tasty. A masala dosa costs Rs.32, Chai for Rs.7, Pasta for Rs.30 and Dal Chawal for Rs.30 and so on.

Quality of classrooms, labs, library is very appropriate and nothing to be complained about.

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

There are many societies in Maitreyi college. Also, I’m a part of one. Nrityakriti, the Indian dance society of Maitreyi College. We do mostly folk-based dance and in just a few months, this society has shaped me into a better person as an individual. There are other societies too. Zeal, the western dance society. Artisto- the fine arts society. Galore, the fashion society and so on.

Maitreyi college celebrates every festival that comes in its way; cultural and sports-based events too.

The life is very much better and beautiful in Maitreyi. My day starts with the thought of going to college and ends with staying there for long. Maitreyi has some vibes which keep us ties towards it. The peacocks that roam in the college campus are a scene to start afresh and beautiful day every day. Our society practices are done in the bamboo room so it is our next home. Whenever I’m free, I go there and sit; it feels like home.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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So back to my admission days, they were really tough because admission is not easy in Delhi University. The eligibility criteria for political science was 98% in the first cut off for general category then eventually it came to 95% in the second but my percentage was 92. So I was really scared. I took admission in any course that was available to me because I find that Maitreyi college has some other vibes which I didn’t want to miss. Later in the last cut off, The cut off for pol science Hons. general category came to 92% and I immediately took admission in my dream course. My second preference was B.el.ed as I want to pursue my career in teaching. I gave an entrance examination which I cleared but did not get admission in any got or reputed college.

The cut-offs for course like B.A. Hons. (Political science) for general category is always high. As I mentioned above, the ‘last’ cut off was 92 in Maitreyi. Other colleges like LSR do not give cut-offs below 98%


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