Namita Verma

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Information Technology) | Batch of 2016

VIT University, [VIT] Vellore Review by Namita

Overall Rating : 9 / 10

Written on 15 Jun 2016

Academics & Faculty
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9 /10

  • VIT has this special feature which allows you to choose your professors, the subjects, the timing for classes and even the venue through a unique system called FFCS. This Fully Flexible Credit System is followed only by a few universities in the country and it gives you a very flexible way of letting you study the way you want to. As far as exams are concerned, there are plenty. And by pleanty, I mean you'll always have some quiz or assignment or CAT to keep you regular in your acads. We had 2 CATs (Continuous Assessment Tests), 3 quizzes and assignments in a span of 5 months, so you'll never be free. Whatever time you have, the clubs and chapters make sure you are never idle. VIT cultivates this culture of being pro-active which makes you ready for corporate or your dream college after you're done with youyr Bachelors. 
  • The methodology of teaching includes both online and offline ways. Professors teach in the class and also upload the material on student login from where you can reference in case you want to get further details. The quality of teaching might vary from prof to prof, which is natural. 
  • My overall experience in college in terms of academics was great. VIT makes sure you keep studying regularly alongwith your extra-curriculars. 

Fees & Scholarship
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9 /10

  • My fee, when I joined back in 2012 was INR 110000 per year.
  • I believe VIT gives scholarships to first 1000 rank holders in VITEEE.

Placements & Alumni Network
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10 /10

  • VIT boasts of 100% placements, which is true.
  • For 2016 graduates, there were 3 kinds of companies - Super Dream - Package above Rs 10 lacs per annum. Companoies like De Shaw, Flipkart, Amazon, Schlumburger, Cisco. The package was around Rs 4 -10 lacs per annum. Around a hundred companies come under this. Oracle, Dell, Deloitte, CA Tech, Blackrock, Mahindra, etc etc Mass companies - Infosys, CTS, TCS, Accenture etc. The salary varies from RS 20 lacs to 3.5 lacs per annum

Infrastructure & Transportation
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9 /10

  • The infrastructure is the best anyone can get. Classrooms do NOT have AC so you don't doze off, but they have good seating conditions. VIT has the best labs and workshops. We have a huge library where you can get all sorts of books. WiFi limit is 5GB a month. Vellore is a pretty cheap place so your expenses would be Rs 5-6000 a month if you stay lavishly. 
  • The food in college is great. There are different catering services and you can choose among those. Also, you can switch to some other mess if you're bored of the same food. The snacks are good. There are plenty of small shops inisde and outside the college campus where you get good food for reasonable prices.

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

  • VIt has over 100 clubs and chapters and you'll never run out of activities and events.
  • The college in general provides a great environmnet for overall development. 


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