Himanshu Shingne

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering) | Batch of 2017

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, [VIT] Pune Review by himanshu

Overall Rating : 6 / 10

Written on 19 Oct 2016

Academics & Faculty
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7 /10

  • VIT is an autonomous college. Thus it has it has own way of conducting lectures.
  • The AICTE rules mandate the timings for the shifts, but, in all, lecture hours are lesser compared to university colleges.
  • Projects start from the first year itself.
  • Professors are well versed in their subjects, some holding PhDs, some written books.
  • The entire quality of teaching is not at par with better colleges.

Fees & Scholarship
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4 /10

  • The total course fees go above INR 1 lakh per annum at VIT.
  • Scholarship options are common in all colleges for non-OPEN students where certain portions of the tuition fess are waived.

Placements & Alumni Network
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6 /10

  • It was decided this year by the Computer department that Internships, either Summer or Semester, would be necessary for final year students.
  • The college has a good record for placements at the Computer department.
  • Financial companies like Barclays, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Orale Fin Serv, Credit Suisse are more of the prominent players.
  • Core companies like SAP, VMware, Amazon have also come for the 2017 batch at VIT.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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7 /10

  • Hostels have been sold out. But, Girl's Hostels have remained at VIT.
  • You may consider living at private hostels(60k-100k per year) or flats(10k - 20k per month per flat). The range of localities varies, so you can choose for your convenience and likes.
  • The canteen is the most useless part of the college. Not many eat there nowadays.
  • The college has a Reading Hall. The library hosts quite a number of books, magazines, journals and newspapers.
  • Labs are good.
  • The small area of the college may disappoint you, be warned!

Clubs & Associations
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7 /10

  • There are many student societies, clubs and cells for whatever your interest. Name them and they are there - Personality development, entrepreneurship, economics, mathematics, photography, everything.
  • The mechanical department participates in many SAE events for BAJA, SUPRA, GoCart, EffiCycle. ROBOCON is the most funded technical group here.
  • Cultural is handled by ViCulp, which includes plays for the most part.
  • Melange is the annual technical and cultural festival of VIT.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • Admissions were conducted on the basis of MAH CET and JEE MAIN entrance examination scores.
  • More than 160 is required in JEE MAIN to go for Computer Engineering at VIT and this can be considered as the typical cutoff.

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