Kartik Nooney

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering) | Batch of 2015

Vasavi College of Engineering, [VCE] Hyderabad Review by Kartik

Overall Rating : 2 / 10

Written on 16 Jun 2016

Academics & Faculty
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1 /10

  • Daily routine is very mechanical. The only aim of the management is to force the students to sit in the classroom.
  • There is no scope for learning new things as long as you follow an antiquated curriculm.
  • All that they want us students is to learn and perfect theory and never try anything new in labs. They abhor practical experience. They wont allow students into the labs during college hours because we have to bunk our theory classes. They wont open the labs after college hours because they feel its of no use.
  • There are very few lecturers in the college who encourage students to learn new things apart from the college curriculum. Most of the teachers just mug up whats there in the syllabus and come to the class to bore us to death with that outdated theory.

Fees & Scholarship
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5 /10

  • Fee varies from student to student. Those who get in through official way have the same fee of around INR 120,00. And those who join under B-Category or those who join under NRI category have to unofficially pay lakhs of rupees to the management. Its a pretty lucrative business for them.
  • Whatever scholarship is offered, its offered only by goverment to those who are economically backward or to those from other eligible reservations. There is no proper or no special scholarship awarded by the college to students.
  • Sometimes college awards the students a thousand rupees or so based on their academic performances. And students also get awarded for their final year projects. But the selection committee for these project related awards selects students on a complete biased method and not based on the value and innovation present in the project.

Placements & Alumni Network
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1 /10

  • Our pathetic pedagogic college never allows students to do internships. We can only do internships during our holidays else we will be marked absent. The college believes that old outdated useless theory thought by professors who just mug up the subject is far more valuable than the practical knowledge a student can earn by doing internships.
  • There are few good companies for CSE students but other branches have no such good enough core related companies.
  • Average salary would be around INR 3.5 to 4 lakhs per annum because most of the students are picked up by the regular lot of companies like TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, CTS. And companies that offer a higher package would pick up very few people which can be counted on our fingers from other branches. But for CSE there are good oppurtunities.
  • Alumni network is the worst possible thing here in our college. Apart from asking for donations from alumni, they wont do anything else that is important. Anually few alumni meets occur, but not to share knowledge, but to trap any of the alumni for getting more donations or our idiotic college comes up with some foolish games for the alumni to pass their time during their visit.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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1 /10

  • There are no hostels in our college!
  • Food in college is pathetic. They mix water to dilute almost everything. Though they get food in a subsidized manner, our college wont even bother to check or correct the quality of food being cooked in out canteen. The contracts are given to those uselss people who cant cook properly but can pay enough bribes to college management.
  • Students are not allowed to sit in the canteen during classes, students are not allowed to sit in library during classes. There will be guards behind your back to scuttle you out of these places if you were to be found anywhere else apart from the classroom.
  • Our college was the first to introduce internet in AP.And since then these stingy creatures havent changed the network. So there is no WIFI in our campus. There is no proper working internet or intranet in our campus.
  • Most of the time the internet is down. It works rarely and that too at a worst possible speed. The network in your mobile would be much faster than that provided in the college.
  • There are college busses only for first years and everyone else have to opt for RTC.
  • The sports room will be closed most of the time so that students can stay in classrooms and rot to death.
  • Labs or library wont be open after the regular timings of classes. 
  • Library just contains the books needed for mugging up the syllabus. There wont be even a single book to learn new techonologies.

Clubs & Associations
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1 /10

  • There are a couple of good dance and art clubs. And an overly rated club for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • There are no proper clubs that can be helpful for students to share practical knowledge. Clubs in our colege are only for entertainment but never for knowledge sharing.
  • There are two fests in our college. One is a technical fest which never has any proper technical stuff because of lack of funds. Interested students have to go and forage for funds from outside the college, but the management never spends any money. A share of the funds brought  by students should has to be given to few HODs so that they wont be opposing us in our regular events.
  • There is one more fest which is supposed to be a big annual day event. But because of the miserly nature of our college managment there wont be enough funds to celebrate it in a proper way.
  • There is no life in college. Mainly because of ignorant, stingy and corrup management. Its more or less a jail for many students. Their wings are cut down and are shackled to the ground by our management.
  • Our college just collects money but never spends it on students. Its just to increase the number of digits in the bank balance of those morally corrupt people managing the college from decades.

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