Ajay Iyer

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] | Batch of 2013

Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD, [SCMHRD] Pune Review by Ajay

Overall Rating : 7 / 10

Written on 08 Sep 2015

Academics & Faculty
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6 /10

This place is home to some of my fondest memories. This notwithstanding, I'll try to keep it as objective as possible.

Easily one of the best schools for an undergraduate degree in Management. There aren't too many good institutes on this front, and Symbiosis leads the few quality ones there are.


The Symbiosis culture - one of the most talked about in the country- pervades everything here. Right from day zero, you're soaked in a zillion experiences.

My cohort was incredibly diverse, with students speaking languages as diverse as Hindi, Tamil, Spanish and Korean. Most of us had come in through a rather grueling selection process, which meant that we certainly had the right stuff between our ears. 

The curriculum was what you'd expect at a Symbiosis institute - updated to industry expectations and relevant all through.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

PRetty good for an undergraduate management school. Good companies, good profiles.

I was snapped up by a digital marketing company which is part of Publicis Groupe. Also on the list of recruiters were KPMG, Zomato, TresVista, Bose (amongst others). The placement scene circa 2015 seems better than ever, with companies like Uber considering SCMS students for great profiles.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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7 /10

On the smaller side, vis-a-vis the other Symbiosis campuses. However, this campus is easily the liveliest of the lot. With a design school and a media school sharing campus, the buzz never dies down!

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