Zaufer Sadiq

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Instrumentation Engineering) | Batch of 2007

Sri Sairam Engineering College, [SSEC] Chennai Review by Zaufer

Overall Rating : 3 / 10

Written on 21 May 2016

Academics & Faculty
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3 /10

  • Most of the Lectures are just B.E holders and they just memorize the topic for each classes and deliver it to the students.
  • They don't have any potential to answer any extra doubts asked by the students.
  • However, there are few good teachers as well.
  • The college is strict to the core and is totally governed by illiterates and goons rather by well educated professionals.
  • Students have been humiliated and treated bad in the name of discipline.
  • The college charges the students with hefty fines for all small issues they come across.
  • Recently there have been issues in this college like strikes and a mysterious death of a student in the hostel as well.

Fees & Scholarship
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4 /10

  • Very high fee structure and there are numerous hidden fees for which we won't be given any receipts.
  • Hefty fines charged.
  • Example - Rs. 2,000 to 5,000 fine for using mobile phones, Rs. 500 fine for coming late or fail in dress code, etc.

Placements & Alumni Network
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4 /10

  • They bring only IT sector for campus interviews.
  • The core companies are very less or negligible.
  • For the students who wish to do a good job and get placed in a core company, this college is definitely a NO!

Infrastructure & Transportation
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2 /10

  • There are hostels in the campus.
  • But the hostels are controlled by the goons in the name of wardens.
  • It is a modern jail for students.
  • There was recent death of a boy named Abinath in this college who was in the hostel.
  • The food in this college is worse.
  • They do not allow you to bring food from your home either
  • If you bring food from home you are also forced to pay the food fees as well no matter you have college food or not.

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