Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering) | Batch of 2017

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, [MNNIT] Allahabad Review by SUMIT PRAKASH

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 09 Oct 2016

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

  • We have an academic calendar and the things take place according to that. The classes are from 8 am till 6pm in summers and from 9am to 6 pm in winters. There are mid seams and end seams in each semester. Mid-seems are of 20 marks and End seems are of 60 marks , 20 marks are an internal assessment. Students pursue projects on their own throughout their career and they get all help from teachers and the library. In the final year of B.Tech , one project is assigned to every student which carries marks too. There are practicals too and the labs are very well furnished. Students can make use of labs whenever they want. 
  • Teaching is very good and the syllabus is according to the knowledge level. The basics are taught first and then the higher core subjects are taught. In the first year, you will be made acknowledged to every stream subject so that students can choose which branch to take and can slide their branches from the second year. The methods of teaching are appropriate according to the number of students . We have projector facilities and mike for large classrooms . There is also tutorial classes being held every year for doubt clearing sessions and getting practice on physical world problems. Overall the teaching mechanism of MNNIT is up to the standard and very interactive for students to learn and inculcate the knowledge.

Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

  • Annual tuition fees here is around 1 lakh . The hostel facilities are available with a cost of 13k per semester. Scholarships are available to students by their state boards to those meeting certain grounds. They have to maintain their good academic career and attendance in order to continue their scholarships. Maximum scholarship given is around 70k per year. 
  • Around 20% of good meritorious students receive scholarships from college and their state boards. This helps in continuing their studies without having a lot of financial burden on their families.  
  • Yes, loans are always needed by some students. They are given easily by SBI and Allahabad Bank to students who apply for it. Also, loans are given for buying laptops which are needed by every student to keep up with the technological world. 

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

  • My internship was in UHG for two months with a stipend of 35k. I got my internship opportunity from my college only. Companies visit every year for hiring 3rd-year students for internship. Major companies that visit belong to Technology domain and are mostly for CS, IT and ECE branches . They ask coding and software knowledge in written tests along with aptitude. Then they have technical and HR interviews. Banking and Finance sector companies also do visit and they hire for a post like business analyst or management trainee. 
  • The average salary for a CS student is around 10 lakhs and for ECE student is around 6 lakh. For all other branches , it keeps on varying every year. Highest salary is given by tech giants like Amazon and CodeNation with 30 lakh and 44 lakh CTC respectively. At the end of final year, around 90% of CS , IT branch and 85% of ECE branch gets placed. In MECH or Civil branches, it's around 10-15%. Most of them go for GATE Examination.
  • Alumni Network is very strong . We get funds every year from them for hosting our technical and cultural festivals. Many alumni start their own technical companies and recruit students from our college for helping them. There is a strong bond between alumni and this college.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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9 /10

  • For boys , 6 hostels are there from which one hostel is exclusively for first-year students. Rest 5 hostels have all students from all years mixed together for better communication and discussion between students. The hostels have two-seater rooms for 2nd and 3rd-year students and single rooms to final year students. For first year students, hostel rooms are triple sharing. For girls , the separate hostel is there for girls from every year. They have triple sharing and double sharing rooms. The hostel fee is included in the mess fee which is 13k per semester. The mess facility is available and students get timely meals three times a day. 
  • PG's are available outside college and their rent ranges from 2k-4k per month. PG's are near to college and a student can walk through the journey to a classroom. 
  • In college hostels, mess facility is there and meals are served timely and neatly . The mess fees are 13k per semester. The college also has canteens for students and snacks are available all throughout the day. There are three canteens in the boy's hostel area and two in the campus . The food served there is neat and clean.
  • Classrooms are both Ac and non-Ac . The labs are fully furnished with the newest equipment for students to learn new techniques. The central library has a large collection of books for students to read . Also ,we have access to online library and the journals and IEEE  papers. Students can develop their interests by reading them. Dining halls are very big to accommodate all students. We have a wire connection in every room for students to get access to the internet. The labs are wifi-enabled. SAC is also there for students to pursue extra-curricular activities. Gym, Music, and sports coach are provided by the college. There is also a center for research in college.

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

  • Students have formed various societies like dance , music , drama, western , robotics, aero-modelling, athletics, street plays, etc. The students who join this college can get into any of these societies depending upon his interests. All these clubs are active throughout the year and students keep on learning new things and participate in events all across the year. Their participation is financed by the college. 
  • The college has the technical festival called Avishkar , the cultural festival called Culrav and techno-management festival named as Renaissance. The preparations for these festivals are done throughout the year by students. Students from different colleges come and compete with MNNIT students and among themselves. We also host guest lectures from famous personalities and icons. All the events are of four days duration. 
  • In general, college life is something which no one forgets throughout his life . Here, in MNNIT, students get to improve themselves as persons and find the true meaning to their lives . They get to make lifelong friends and the guidance they get here from the teachers will help them solve all the problems in the future. The college life is a living one here , not static but dynamic.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • Admission in MNNIT Allahabad is through JEE Exam (Joint Entrance Examination) . People opting to do B.Tech from IIT or NIT have to give this exam. There are two exams under this . First is JEE Main which selects students for admission in NIT and IIT. Around 10Lakh students give this exam every year . From which only 1.5 Lakh are selected for JEE Advanced exam . This is the second exam under JEE.
  • Students selected under this exam are called for IIT Counselling. And the students that can't pass this exam are called for NIT Counselling. JoSAA is the new counselling board for all IIT and NIT . CS and IT branches fill rapidly with high merits in MNNIT. Along with MECH and ECE. To secure a seat in one of these branches in MNNIT , you should pass your JEE Exam with good merit. So that even if you can not clear JEE Advanced , you still can make it to NIT.


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