Venkatesh Prasad

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] | Batch of 2017

MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science, Bangalore Review by venkatesh

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 25 Apr 2017

Academics & Faculty
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9 /10

  • Daily routine in MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science is starting with classes with 1 hour each and a break 9:30-10:00 for breakfast, assembly prayer and announcements. Time 7:30-1/2:30 for B.Com. Time 9:00-5:30 for B.Sc. Time 9:00-5:30 for B.A. The time may differ at the time of Field visits, Practicals, Workshops and let-offs in the case of completion of portions, meetings, tests, training, workshops, pre-practical sessions, a swap of classes. Practicals, Projects, Assignments, Internals are on regular basis and exams. Quality and method of teaching for both aided and unaided can be rated from 3.5-5 stars, depending on the lecturers. Average infrastructure and 3.5★-4.5★/5★ for canteen,
  • The College we feel when studying is like the average and worst in some situations, while we pass out of the College we feel this is the best college when compared with others and we also come to hear from others and companies which come for Placement Drives, Celebrities and Speakers.

Fees & Scholarship
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10 /10

  • Aided course varies from 20-23 thousand per year, unaided 45-55 thousand in MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science.
  • Many scholarship options are available here at MES for almost all categories fetching a great amount, providing mid-day meals for certain categories for free. The number of students getting scholarship depend on their grades, categories, and application for scholarship within the deadline.It's around 120-200 students from all the Stearns get a scholarship. No loans are needed unless it's added section and in the case of the unaided section.
  • the education loans are needed and for these queries, banks should be contacted.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

  • When it comes to internship, college Placement Cell advice with a great number of internships, As our team was interested in event management we went on our own for corporate/promotional/health/social/human rights/sports events and got certification and quite a good pay. Placement Cell at present under the convenor and Co-ordinator by name Dr.B.S.Mallikaarjun and Mrs.Rekha Nayak respectively is going great. \
  • There are a number of key companies which come down to our college and also invitations to attend pool drives and Walk-ins, Viz 1. Ernst and Young. 2. Northern Trust. 3. Thomson Reuters. 4. J P Morgan. 5. TESCO. 6. Capgemini. 7. Fidelity Investments. 8. Amazon. 9. Allegis Group. 10. Infosys. 11. ONLY. 12. Accenture. 13. EXL. 14. Concentrix. 15. VIVO. 16. 24/7. 17. Tailwind. 18. KPMG. 19. Goldsman Sachs. 20. IDP. And some 5 more, almost 10-15 companies above are with continued bondage.
  • The Average salary package is 2.71 CTC, Minimum salary package is 2.10 CTC and Maximum salary package is 4.50 CTC provided at MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science.
  • Is the salary package offered by companies. It's like out of 260-300 enrolled candidates in the Placement Cell that is around 60-70% of students get placed with their best performance. Where they also should have a great knowledge and fluency in technical subjects and English. Alumni status is great as they grow to the best way possible on the other hand network with College activities and Network is 50%, where now the College is concentrating on this aspect too.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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6 /10

  • Not a boarding college PG are in many numbers
  • within the circumference of 5-8 kilometre from the college, which may range in 5-10 thousand upon extra benefits. The food in college is good and satisfactory, each meal may cost us from 20-40 rupees.
  • the Quality of classrooms, labs are satisfactory and good, canteen has its open space and students can dine inside the class at breaks and WiFi facilities are provided for the Student Union, Organiser and Coordinators and are aiming to provide this to every student in MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science.

Clubs & Associations
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7 /10

  • Student Union, NSS, NCC, Sports Committee, Placement Cell Committee, Commerce Committee, Cultural Committee (Ranga Vaibhavi-Drama, Music-Hamsadwani), Discipline Committee, Adventure Club-NCC & NSS, Volunteers, Co-ordinators, Organisers and MES co-operative society are the societies, clubs, committees on campus. Kalavedi, National festivals, Regional Festivals, Sports Day, World Environment day, Sports and athletic meet, Chakravyuh, Anubhav, Parivarthan, Vanijya Vedi, Literature, Psychology etc..are the most important fest, programmes, festivals related to art and culture, science and technology, health and fitness, management and commerce. The life in this College is at its best with the staffs' and students guidance, care, discipline, bondage...

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • The eligibility criteria for MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science is the good percentage in 2nd PU, good behaviour and some management seats with cultural and sports quota and admission procedure was very simple, depositing the fees in a bank with which the college is associated with. No entrance exams were mandatory here at this college For aided it is like 90-95, and unaided 70-90, depends on the number of applicants and their performance score.


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  • There was no entrance examination.
  • There are no cutoffs.
  • Key companies who come for placement at MES Degree College of Arts, [MESDCA]Commerce and Science, Bangalore are- tech Mahindra, concentric, TCS, infosis.
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  • No internship in our MESDCA is required.
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