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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering) | Batch of 2019

Lovely Professional University, [LPU] Jalandhar Review by trinadh

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 29 Nov 2018

Academics & Faculty
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7 /10

Generally for the 1st year and 2nd year students the college starts at morning 9:00am and goes till 4:00am or 5:00am, Saturday and sunday are off, there will be 4 Internal exams and 1 Main exam they are the following:-

1.CA-1,2 and 3(after copletion of 1 or two chapters)

2.Mid term(after completion of half of syllabus)

3.End term(after competion of full syllabus)

Every students will get to experiance atleast two labs every year and they are followed with final project every year.

The quality of education is good, Most of teacher which we get have ample of knowledge to clarify our mislleneous doubts and most of them completed their PH.D in a particular field of study and They adopted with video mechanism for tecahing i,e we get experiance by seeing things from projecter and followed by teacher and ppt's too.

I found My university a great place to explore and even after spending 4years I still kinda fell I don't know much about my University such a place my college is. I would llike to compare my college with a Abyss of infinite depth. I made lot of memories with my friends not only from India but also from different country and I really miss my college because there is only 4months left with me for my college life.

Fees & Scholarship
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10 /10

My general course fee is 90k per semister (tution), if we add my hostel it varies from 45k to l20k based on room you choose and The mess is very econimical i,e they take 26k for full year and you get to have healthy three day meal with snacks.

The main attraction of our university is schlorships.Every student who took Lpunest will get scholorship of 20k and If the same student scored more than 90% in their +1 and +2 he/she will be awarded with more 30k schlorship.

The schlorship is awarded almost to every student who made admission before the date they provide in their official site. generally the date will be around May of every year.

For a middle class family I think there no need for loan but stil If the student is interested or his parents does they can easily get the loan from the banks advised by the university and (caution)these banks also raincheck the performance of students and If they the students performance is not good there is potential chance that they might cancel the loan.  

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

I didn't did any intern till now and Your company is my first job in my carrer.

There are lot of companies and tie ups for our college and the major companies are Bosch,Congnizoint,Cap gemini,Wipro elite and many more. This year in our college Bosch itself took 110 students for three drives and congnizoint took 250 people in its mass recruitment and cap gemini took like 100 students.

The average salary that student gets awarded is 3Lakh per year and The higest package we got affored this year are from two companies i,e Adverb(10 Lakh per year), Trident(9 Lakh). The university encounters lot of Placement drives most of companies come with intern along with job offer. In my present year only 100 people are left without job out of almost 800 students and we are left with a semister and I think they will also get placed in some X company. 

The major plus point of our college is it's alumini network we have portal for it and we can get to know about alumini and even contact them and if any student need certificates he can apply through alumini portal and within 2 days the candidate gets certificates and sometimes we also provided with chance to ineract with our alumini.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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9 /10

There are different hostels for rboth men and women iin different area for boys there are 8 hostels with name starting from BH-1 to 8 and for girls GH- 1 to 4. In every hosTtel almost there are more than 100 hostels which includes 3 blocks and a shopping store, canteen and mess.For every year the hostel fee varies for student based on the room he/she taken i,e 30k to 120k and we are provided with 24 hour current facility.

There are PG available right outside the campuss and the charge varies from 3000 to 5000 per month and also there is acvvailable with continous auto facility to get to campss very easily and also campuss shuttle which charge only 10 rupees for a ride anywhere in campuss.

The quality of the food is really good and whenever you go you wuill alsways get hot food in you plate and there is no limit to how much you can eat except for the sweet dish and it costs around 26k for year.

The class we get are very spacious and only 60 students are the max we get in a class and sometime we get to have combines class then we will be having a very large room where we will bw provided with 4 techers to teach us and we use wifi which uses optical fibere technology and speed is around 120kbs to 3mbps based on the time we connect to it.


Clubs & Associations
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8 /10

LPU is home for almost 80+ student clubs which includes gaming,arts,education etc and there is even a vey big room dedicated for the sole purpose of it and also there are many labs for it.

The main festivals are deepavali,guru nanak jayanthi,independence and republic day and also we will be have 2 fests a year they are one india which is the very biggest event and it happens for 10 days and the cash prize for that event is 1crore and one world which is sthe second biggest international event and it has has very tempting cash prize and also 2 science fair etc.

The life in college is very colourful and it resembles the costar ride on rainbow every day with some surprise which sometime are good and sometime are bitter but student should get hold of himself.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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I joined in my college through my inter and there is a exam called LPUnest. First I applied from lovely professional university official website for LPUnest they ask for the following details:-

1.Your 10th marks


3.Phone number

4.candidates +1 and +2 marks

and the application procedure follows.

The candidate receives a message regarding conformation message from college. The we wait for the date of exam and after taking exam he/she given date of counceling and there are councelling center's in major cities like Vijayawada,Nellore etc anad admisson process is so simple they just verify the certificate and a person who crossed 90% in their inter will get a seat according to the candidates wish.

When I joined the college there is no particular cutoff but from my juniors I heard there is cuoff of 100 out of 360. The exam goes according to the pattern of JEEE-mains but difficulty level is little less compared to mains. 


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