Neeraj Sharma

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering) | Batch of 2017

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology/KIIT University, Bhubaneswar Review by Neeraj

Overall Rating : 2 / 10

Written on 23 Mar 2016

Academics & Faculty
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2 /10

  • well , the day starts of with a nice little mornng walk with closed ones as the morning coaching class begins at 7 o'clock in the morning with nice cool breeze blowing around and glimpse of sun rising is adorable! On the way back, the most awaited breakfast at the morning stall happens! And just an hour aftr that the classes  are scheduled. College starts from 10:30 and it  ends in the evening at 6 o'clock. The classes are boring as usual and since its a private cum autonomous cum deemed university , no one can be blamed! The faculties are not at  all co-operating and supportive, they might be highly qualified but wat is the use of it when its not payig you anything in return! The only source of entertainment is the projects in which you are involved in where you get to know so many people  including seniors and juniors! there are so many restrictions and rules and regulations which obviously a 21 year old guy won't be liking it to follow. The University is not at all supportive even when it comes down to projects and research programmes. An individual has to invest from its own pocket in order to persue your interest even if you are representing the college!

Fees & Scholarship
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1 /10

  • Institutional fee- Rs 2,20,000 per year + examination and registration fee for every semester 

Hostel fee- Rs 35,000 per year

mess fees- Rs 30,000 per year 

So overall around Rs 3 lakhs per year

  • Scholarships are given to the top ranker of every branch which is i guess 12,000  for every semester
  • Since there are numerous branches in the University so I guess 10 students must be getting the scholarships.
  • Yes, paying 3 lakhs per year for a middle class family just as a college fee is the toughest thing a middle class family can avail.So basically loans are required.In order to prevail loans we need to roam the entire 400 acre campus just to collect the required number of documents which can easuily take about a month and then the bank will give you loan only if your academic result is quite good! 

Placements & Alumni Network
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1 /10

  • Since the college is least co-operative hence doing an industrial internship is quite tough until and unless you have any source.I luckily got selected in Honda Motorcycle and scooter pvt ltd at Manesar through applying and merit.
  • Only IT companies which comes as a mass recruiters and takes bulk of students. No Core Placements.
  • average salary is around Rs 2.8 to 3 lakhs per annum, 70 % gets placed in day 1 as all those 70% gets placed in IT companies.  Highest salary is roughly around Rs 5 lakhs per annum
  • No idea about the alumini network as the alumini and faculty are least co-operative.


Infrastructure & Transportation
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2 /10

  • So many Hostels are there. Since it is a private university and hence the only concern is taking students as much as they can and destroy there future. So there are more than a dozen of hostels around 20-25.
  • PGs and flat options are there but generally a certain kind of students only avail that facility which are highly involved in drugs and liquor
  • Food is quite good in college canteens and other small vendours except the hostels where we have to live in and eat.The mess is really a mess and the quality of food is such that you prefer dying instead of eating that food!Its really hard to accept that fact and nothing can change that quality
  • classrooms are good with noisy fans which the faculty makes us to switch off as it is disturbing, labs are good too but we,students, are not allowed to touch even a single part and not even the switch to turn on the machine! dining halls are a mess and wifi is just for name and if you can open the google tab , you are seriously a lucky guy!

Clubs & Associations
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2 /10

  • There are so many societies including aeronautical , automobile , dance , drama  robotics and so many others but the thing is if you are poor and you can not afford to pay then you can not be a part of society as it cost you 500 bucks just to join the society and then the cost of self funded projects are separately different!
  • cultural+tech=KIITFEST where 0 participation form other colleges and only a handfull of college students enjoy that!
  • Life is not at all good! Because I belong to a middle class family and paying 3 lakh per year in a college and sacrifycing all my parents need and everything, its like I am just throwing away the money in an open gutter! 


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