Hemanth Akhil

Hemanth Akhil Kasturi

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Aerospace Engineering) | Batch of 2018

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, [IARE] Hyderabad Review by Hemanth Akhil

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 22 Jul 2016

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

The best engineering college according to my view. In the whole states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, our college stands as the leading institution in Aeronautical Engineering. As the name itself suggests the course of Aeronautics, our college also offers the courses in almost all engineering disciplines being practised in south India. I love my subjects a lot. Lecturers here treat students so beautifully, except for those who think a lot about themselves (a 10% are there who are seriously very strict in maintaining the discipline and conduct of a 'Student'). We as a whole group (of about 15 to 20 a team) solve problems with great enthusiasm. I feel like I'm going to do a job rather than studying! Everyday a new topic and each day we learn something from the environment! :) :) ;)

Fees & Scholarship
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8 /10

  • Since I've joined here through "Telangana State Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test (TS-EAMCET)", I've been placed in Convenor quota. I pay Rs. 50,800/ per year- as the normal education fee. It varies from management fees who might pay more. Apart from that I also pay Rs.8000/- every year of my course for the charges of library and all the other laboratories. By the way, labs in our college are damn cooll. They beget all the boring labs of the other colleges in South India! you can see them in personal or watch on web through website www.iare.ac.in. U can also see fee structure there.
  • Of course, scholarships are available.
  • Almost 47% of the students enjoy schlorship facility.
  • Any bank of your choice can make any type of interactions regarding the purpose of meet.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

Our college has sufficient and frequent number of placement drives. Particularly, we aero people are trained based on our purposes. At present, about a 78% of students under my course are interested in pursuing a master's degree (M.S. or M.Tech.). So, we are being given a rapid and extensive course material based on Aerodynamics, Fluid and Solid Mechanics, Rocket Propulsion and Aircraft Engineering Design. According to my seniors, almost 25 companies (core MNCs like Infosys, CapGemini, Apps Associates, Tata Advanced Systems, etc.) have conducted campus placement drives.

87% in CSE, 91% in ECE and EEE, 70% in IT, 45% in ANE, 87% in Mechanical and 35% in Civil have been recruited. Less percentages in Aero and Civil occur due to the interest of students in pursuing higher education rather than doing job. Highest salary paid to our student was in the year 2012 and it was Rs 27 lakh per annum who was a man of CSE.  

Infrastructure & Transportation
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10 /10

  • Our college has its own hostels. There are two, one for boys and the other for girls. Girls hostel is good and comfortable. But boys hostel is good and it is being reconstructed slowly since it is an old and big one. Hostel fee might vary between Rs.1,00,000/- per year and Rs.2,00,000/-.per year.
  • College has a well flourished canteen with almost a 50 varieties of food, all made with good sanitation and it is being examined by the professors whenever they feel to investigate. Fortunately, in every two days, a lecturer comes and interacts with the canteen staff to check the sanitation and the payload for each employee.
  • Classrooms are spacious and clean, Laboratories are mind blowing. Library includes many reference books - from old to latest editions and from the cheapest to the costliest. Full campus has free wifi and internet facility (100 mbps per building). Once you enter the main gate, an Indian Airfoce Aircraft (now unsummoned and unused) will welcome you which is still a good attraction. 

Clubs & Associations
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9 /10

  • On campus, there are almost three (not more than this number) clubs/groups or societies or whatever you call, for each engineering course. In Aeronautics, a club named ASTRA still continues to do research in the field of Astronautics and the Design of Ballistic Missiles. However, there are many other groups which I am unaware and thus I feel sorry to not give sufficient data on this issue.
  • Every year, the college conducts Traditional Day, Freshers' Day, Orientation Day and Graduation Day as all the othe colleges. However, if there is any achievement by any student, then also we celebrate. We IARE'ns particularly dont wait for a festival. WE CREATE IT.
  • On the whole, I love my college. Let me remember you that I didn't critisize other colleges. On a mark, my college is upto a mark what I feel satisfied. 


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