Soumajit Sen

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Chemical Engineering) | Batch of 2018

Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Roorkee Review by Soumajit

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 04 Sep 2016

Academics & Faculty
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7 /10

  • Academics in IIT Roorkee has an explicit structure. Everything here is properly arranged. The first years and third years have their lectures in the morning whereas the second and fourth years have lectures in the afternoon but again this may differ from branch to branch. The other half is for tutorials and practicals. Lectures and tutorials go on for an hour whereas practicals may be of 2/3 hrs. Exams are divided in two sets: Mid-sems and End-sems. It becomes excruciating during the exam time as it goes on one after the other with only sunday as a gap. Assignments are divided on a weekly basis and discussed in the tutorial classes.
  • The quality of teaching here is above average on an overall basis. Some of the departments here have excellent teachers with a lot of experience. Most of the teachers prefer to teach on boards but some use projectors as well. Even an online moodle is used by some of them for conducting exams and stuff. There is also a system for the final evaluation of teachers at the end of every semester so that the quality of teachers is maintained.
  • In a nutshell, the experience in learning here is cool and students are inspired to carry out there academics well. 

Fees & Scholarship
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8 /10

  • The course is around Rs.1.5 lakh per year for general candidates.
  • There are many scholarships available for students not only based on reservation but also on merit. There is a Merit-cum-means Scholarship(MCM) for students with a good CGPA. There is also a MHRD funded scholarship for the students of IITR.
  • Around 20 students from every branch receive scholarships every year.
  • Loans are indeed required for the students who have a slightly weaker financial background and yes loans are easily available. They can obtained from State Bank of Patiala or Punjab National Bank with just the pay slip of the parent earning the major in the house.

Placements & Alumni Network
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9 /10

  • I had done an internship after the completion of my second year in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and since it is a PSU, it does not offer any stipend. Also, I have recently secured an internship on campus in ITC Limited for the summers 2017 with a stipend of Rs 75,000 per month.
  • There are many top notch companies which come for recruitments on campus which includes the famous Google, Facebook, Microsoft,  Amazon, Flipkart etc. There are companies for every domain like Citi Group, Capital One, World Quant for finance;  ZS associates, Ola Cabs for analysts; Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, ect for coders and Schlumberger, Tata Steel, etc for core profiles.
  • Average salary is around Rs 10 Lakhs CTC and the highest is offered for the coding profile holders of around Rs 1.5 Crore CTC per year. Around 75% of the students get placed each year.
  • The alumni network of Roorkee is immensely strong. We have students placed in top notch companies all over the globe and they act as mentors for the students here. There is also a network created called The Alma Connect especially for this purpose. They even provide seed funding for the startups initiated by the students here.

Clubs & Associations
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9 /10

  • There are many student societies on campus like the Students' Affairs Council (SAC) which is the student representative body of the campus. It is the mediator for the students and administration of IITR. There are different segments clubbed into one by the name Hobbies Club which comprises of Star Gazing Section, Photography Section, Electronics Section, Web Development, etc. 
  • The main festivals include Cognizance(Technical festival of IITR), Thomso(Cultural festival, also known as the Youth festival of Uttarakhand), Sangram(sports fest), Sankalp(social fest) and also a fest organized by the students of the Management department. The fests are divided in the two semesters but the peak time for fests is during the spring semester.
  • In general, life at IITR is contemporary. It is which nobody has ever experienced before and very inspiring. Seniors are extremely helpful and do not make you feel at all that they are the superiors here and ofcourse have to mention the internet speed here. It is the one characteristic due to which IITR is famous all over India. It hits around 20 MBps during less traffic. Yes, you read it right; 20 MBps and an unlimited download facility 24*7. So concluding IITR is not a college, it is a second home to all of us.


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