Rahul Erattu

Integrated M.Tech GeophyicalTecnlogy | Batch of 2017

Rahul's review on Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Roorkee

Overall Rating : 10 / 10

Written on 26 Aug 2016

Academics & Faculty
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10 /10

  • The number of classes depends on credits in a semester,usually a students have around 20-24 credits,and around that many hours of class,for practicals usually one credit equals 2 hours tho,so for a 4 credit course,mayb 3 lecture hours and a tutorial hour or 3 lecture hour and 2 practical hours.Timings can be changed if we talk with profesor so usually we make our fridays/afternoons free shifting classes to other days.There are 2 exams in one semester,one mid term (30% weightage),end term(40%),classwork sessions carry 25% weightage,this may include 10/5 or no marks for attendance in classes,75% attendance is necessary to attend exam but most professors are not that strict about that.Assignments and tutorials carry marks,most students copy it from the one or two bright and sincere guy in class who do it in real,but as exam comes everyone starts getting serious.There is a opportunity to do projects under professors during our semester or in vacations and can add a research paper to our profile if we are dedicated.There are interesting guest lectures,useful workshops etc happening every now and then.
  • Quality of teaching really depends on professor,some are very good,some are okay okay,but some are really boring!! but the knowledge level of professors is amazing excluding one or two,just that some dont know how to teach students in a intersting way.some professors use exclusively powerpoint presentations,but most of them do both board and ppt,they provide e books and printouts and enough materials to study for a life.We can also get books needed from library for each semester.
  • Overall experience is very good,New ideas,good friends,nice enviornment except the messy food from mess but canteens can be of help.

Placements & Alumni Network
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10 /10

  • I have done one internship online in one vacation, i just got it through internshala and i got paid Rs 8000 for some simple tasks online for a company 'fundentor'.
  • In my campus all kind of companies come for placements but very less from my core sector that is geophysics,so in my branch many get job in ongc through gate marks or gsi through an exam,but many prefer non core sector jobs. Few jobs are offered by Goldman sachs,american express,adobe,facebook etc they really come to pick extraordinary students,so they put up above 8 CGPA requirements and rigorous interviews and offers Rs 20-50 LPA,Last year many of my friends got placed, one from mechanical eng got job in reliance jio for around Rs 7 LPA and one from electronics got in airtel for Rs 9.5 LPA,another one from mech got job in some company for Rs 4.5 LPA.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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10 /10

  • Hostel fee is around Rs 7000 per month. There are 10 or 15 or so hostels,each year we get to chose but it gets alloted based on branches and year etc,2 hostels are for girls,one for married students,one for international students,there is no need to go outside but i have seen on of my senior stay outside with his mom in a good place for rent. every hostel have grocery shops,fruit shops,barber,dhobi etc and also there is a very good gym with all modern equipment in my hostel 3rd floor,and one floor we have many washing machines students can freely use,but i prefer giving clothes to dhobi for Rs 150 per month.
  • Food in mess is good for breakfast comparitively,one day we get idli/dosa,paratha,maggi,pasta,chana,pakora,poha etc with cofee and egg/butter.For lunch it is really horrible,most of the day it is aalo+ something(brinjal,carrot,cabbage or some unknown weird vegetable) and daal is by default present everyday,some day we get a yellow thing called cudy! my opinion on this might be biased since im from south india,one day i was trying to eat food in mess and my friend from bihar came and said wow.. todays dal is so yummy!! and i was like wtf is wrong with his brain! but my opinion is shared by most of my north indian friends also. In Canteen we get better food,not better in quality because it is simply fast food but taste is good,dinner is same as lunch except for paneer in 2 or 3 days and ice cream or gulab jamun etc sometimes. mess fee is around Rs 16000 for 5 month semester.
  • Quality of classrooms is very good,newer buildings tend to have more facilities like air conditioning,library is fully air conditioned 4 floor full of books and all kind of journals but other than engineering for exaple if someone want to read some stories.those type of contents are comparitively less but there are ample materials for preparing for competitive exms,all newspapers,e books and a library computer lab with 30 or so apple PC.One best thing about infrastructure is that we can find cold pure water in every nook and corner of campus,thats really refreshing.another one is high speed internet in room through LAN,but my hostel have 6 lifts but i never saw more than 3 working normally together other than that overall its very good.


Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

  • There is a proficency worth 2 credits each year,NCC and NSS(National service scheme) are the only options for 1st yearites but later we can chose anything from photography to astronomy,gardening to robotics,taekwondo to web designing.Those who stick to NSS or NCC can climb the ladder and become cell secretaries like I did.there are departmental and institute level societies ,like IEEE for everyone,American society for geophyics in my department etc.there is a students club were we can play billiards table tennis carroms foozball etc etc and sports club were we can do all kind of sports from hockey to weightlifting,Swimming to squash.I used to play tennis,table tennis and badmindon in sports club,sports items can also be taken as proficiency.in hostels also there is a big hall dedicated to indoor games and also can watch tv there,we term it as TV room.
  • There are many ngos also active in campus like im part of a NGO called cry which look into the child rights and many more are there.
  • Our Cultural fest is thomso in odd semesters and tech fest cognizance in even.Students organize these events ,and they claim to be the best in india but i dont know,mayb not,but it give attractive prizes for many competitions,quizes,paper presentation,robo war,treasure hunting and so on and so forth.I also had organized one in my 3rd year in which baloon will be tied to everyones leg and each of them need to burst othes baloons and last one standing survives.
  • So overall i say my college life is awesome but a little problems here and there but thats just fine :)


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