Ravikant's review on Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur [IIT Kharagpur]

Ravikant's Bio

College: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur [IIT Kharagpur]

Degree: Bachelor

Program: B. Tech.

Graduated in : 2016

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 9 out of 10

Ravikant's review on Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur [IIT Kharagpur] | Written on: 11 Jan 2015


  • IIT Kharagpur can be best known for its great academics, in depth as well as in sense of breadth. IIT Kharagpur is having maximum number of 17 departments also total 13 schools of excellence like management school, Intellectual property law school. Best part of the academics is that students are allowed to take any number of courses in other departments as well as schools as additional subjects.
  • Institute infrastructure is also considered excellent with separate lab facilities for each subject.
  • Institute provided various types of degrees which includes (i) B. Tech - 4 year Program, (ii) Dual Degree Program - year course with both B. Tech and M. Tech will be given at the end of years, (iii) B. Arch - 4 year program, (iv) B. Sc. - 2 year B. Sc Program, (v) Integrated M. Sc - 5 year program with both M. Sc. and B. Sc. degree at the end of 5 years.


  • As a part of a relationship with foreign universities IIT Kharagpur have signed Memorandum of Association with total 60 universities from all over the world. Under this Memorandum students from 3rd of B. Tech. OR Dual degree and 4th-year students from Integrated M. Sc. Course get research projects under foreign university professors.
  • Also, IIT Kharagpur provides International Summer and Winter Term course in which some short term courses are conducted in IIT Kharagpur which are of various departments.
  • For all the foreign studies also there is a foreign exhibition, paper presentation. IIT motivates students to do such research project and provides financial support to such activities.


  • Fees are taken semester wise during semester registration which comes approximately Rs. 50K for one semester which includes Rs. 25K as tuition fees at Indian Institute of Technology.
  • These fees also include hostel fees and mess fees.
  • If you are having not so good financial condition you can get Merit cum Means scholarship which is given to most of the people giving Rs. 60K per semester.
  • Also, there are various scholarships for OBC, SC, ST also for the railway, defence, handicapped candidates.
  • Banks also gives education loans on very low interests.


  • In IIT Kharagpur, there is compulsory internship to be done by a student at the end of the third year for B. Tech and Dual degree student and at the end of 4th year for Integrated M. Sc. students.
  • Career Development centre acts as a communication link between companies and institute.
  • Approximately 90 companies come for internships which may or may not be department specific and approx 250 students get an internship from Campus.
  • Other students have to get an internship on their own which is important and must for all.  
  • IIT Kharagpur has the highest placement this year among all the IIT's and almost everyone from B.Tech, Dual Degree or Integrated M. Sc. is placed irrespective of their departments.


  • Infrastructure is great at Indian Institute of Technology.
  • Classrooms are having a proper audio-video arrangement and also space enough.
  • Laboratories are great in IIT Kharagpur has one of the largest libraries in Asia.

 HOSTELS & FOOD Know more

  • IIT Kharagpur is a fully residential campus with all the professors, students have to be on the campus which is of total area 2200 Acres ( Yes 2200 Acres).
  • Hostels are properly managed by a committee called Hall Management Committee ( HMC ).
  • Professors act as warden of hostels. There is a separate ground for each and every sport in each and every hall of IIT Kharagpur.
  • Mess food is Okay. 


  • Total 13 hostels are there in Indian Institute of Technology.
  • Life of at Indian Institute of Technology is good.


  • The faculty are good at Indian Institute of Technology.
  • Life in college is good.

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