Tejas Naik

PhD (Microelectronics) Dept. of Electrical Engg | Batch of 2017

Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay Review by Tejas

Overall Rating : 10 / 10

Written on 03 Nov 2016

Academics & Faculty
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10 /10

  • Class timings depend upon the courses you choose.
  • The timetable is available on hand and one can choose course accordingly.
  • Exams are based on fundamentals and concepts that we develop. Projects are simple. Assignments may consume a lot of time and time management is essential.
  • Most of the Professors are very good in teaching.
  • We obviously choose courses after consulting seniors. Hence there was never a problem.
  • An odd case may happen that some courses might not be so well taught but these are never the core/compulsory courses.
  • Visiting professors from MIT/Stanford/Cambridge make way for some semesters and that is seen as a golden opportunity to learn more.
  • Overall experience has been quite excellent.
  • The teaching quality stands up to the prestige and name that the institute has established over last 50 years.


Fees & Scholarship
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9 /10

  • Course Fee: 18000 INR tuition fees, + 30000 in accommodation & Mess eating facility (optional) = 48000 INR.]
  • General scholarship of Rs 25000/28000 is available for all PhD students.
  • There are special project positions sponsored by companies such as Applied Materials, IBM, TCS etc that offer stipends up to 60000 INR/month.
  • Even the professor can sponsor you further from project funds.
  • PM Scholarship of Rs 75000/month, Visweswaraya scholarship Rs 35-70k / month, and many other are there.
  • All students that get the minimum of Rs 25k-28k/month scholarship at IIT Bombay.
  • Loans are easily available on campus from SBI/Canara Bank. As such not needed.

Placements & Alumni Network
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10 /10

  • Internships in NUS/NTU with a stipend of Rs 3000 SGD, or in Europe(especially Germany) with 2200-3000 Euro stipend for PhD students is common.
  • For Microelectronics key companies are Sony Japan (Rs 60 Lakhs), Taiwan Semiconductors (Rs 30 Lakhs), Global Foundries (Rs 30 Lakhs), KLA Tencor (Rs 18 Lakhs)Applied Materials (AMAT, Bangalore ~13 Lakhs) and many more such as Qualcomm, Sandisk, Analog Devices, Samsung etc do come.
  • The average salary figure for Electrical MTech would be around Rs 8-10 Lakhs/annum, and that for PhDs would be Rs 15-20 Lakhs/annum in general, and many getting the Rs 30 Lakh job too.
  • The jobs higher than Rs 30 Lakhs are generally non-core and taken up by BTechs at IITB.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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10 /10

  • Hostel Fee(Accommodation Rs 20000 + Food RS 30000 per year ) as mentioned earlier is Rs 50000 per year
  • Outside rates of PG may cost you around Rs 25000/year without food.
  • Food: 4 Times Mess meal costs only Rs.100 which is absolutely great (Amazing considering Mumbai) and the food is delicious too.
  • Though people may get bored and go out once a week to restaurants outside for 500-600 INR
  • Classrooms and Labs are pretty high tech. Sliding Projectors, ACs , sockets for charging, WiFi, etc everything is available.
  • Labs are state of the art labs. Nanofabrication Lab where I work is only present in IIT Bombay & IISc Bangalore fully established.
  • Other IITs are in process of establishing it. When I compare the tool list, it is much more sophisticated than Cambridge Lab.
  • Environmental conditions such as humidity can be factors in your experimental results, though. But new in vacuo tools of fabrication & characterization are available too.
  • Library interface and book availability is pretty good. Air-conditioned library, opened 24 by 7 during exams is a great feature.
  • Sports facility is absolutely amazing and definitely the best in India.
  • State of the art 4 Squash Courts, 6 Tennis courts, Athletic tracks for running. Cricket field, football field, hockey field, Basketball Courts, Basketball courts.
  • It's just an amazing experience for a sportsperson. Great opportunity to showcase one's talent.
  • Music Rooms, Yoga rooms etc and other facilities for Arts include a dedicated building for it along with a large area of SAC (Student Activity Centre)
  • Canteens & Outlets apart from Individual Hostel Mess & Canteens are available. Right from Indian food such as Chole Bhature, Dosas to fast foods like Pizzas and milkshakes are available
  • There is absolutely everything, I may have missed out on many things. But these are the ones I could immediately think of.

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

  • All kinds of Technical & Non-technical student societies and clubs are there at IIT Bombay.
  • EESA for Electrical Engineering, and branch wise each dept has different clubs.
  • Apart from that individual Sports Clubs for Tennis etc.
  • There are individual clubs for photography(PIXEL), painting (RANG), Music (SAAZ), Chess (DARK KNIGHT), etc.
  • Mood Indigo is Asia's largest college cultural festival as its known and famous.
  • Being the technology geeks of the country TECHFEST also attracts students from around the globe.
  • The life in general inside the campus is awesome.
  • Peaceful, greenery, as well as you will find people eating and roaming at 3am in the night. It's very safe.


Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • The eligibility criteria are to have first class in BTech/MTech (Distinction Preferable).
  • The entrance exam to be taken is GATE (AIR Top 40 for TA position in MTech, Top 1000 position for TA/RA/TAP in MTech/PhD).
  • No strict cutoffs apart from the 60%/First Class.
  • Cracking the interview with good foundation and concepts is vital to get into IIT Bombay.


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