Alok's review on Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay

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College: Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay

Degree: Bachelor

Program: Discrete structures

Graduated in : 2017

Discipline: Engineering and Technology


Rating given: 8 out of 10

Alok's review on Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bombay | Written on: 21 Oct 2016


  • Daily routine: It is a function of which year you are in and which stream are you majoring in, In general class starts at 8:30 AM in the morning and runs until 12:30 PM there is a lunch break from 12:30 PM - 02:00 PM . All the labs are scheduled from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM in general . There are also classes from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM .

  • Quality and method of Teaching: Quality is the best you can get in India . Almost all faculty is selected by a tough recruitment process . Method of teaching is dependent of every professor , some

    professor are great teachers but some are not.
  • Overall experience in college is Great .IIT Bombay gives you the exposure which won't be possible at any other college inside India.


  • Fee structure : For every semester students have to pay following Fees based on different categories . 1 year consists of TWO semesters in IIT, Bombay.

Every semester : ( All prices mentioned is in INR)

  1. Academic Fee - 60,000  for GEN,OBC students

  2. Academic Fee - 15,000 for ST,SC students

  3. Hostel Fee - 15,000 ( Common for all categories)

  • Scholarships Options :

Institute offers various types of scholarships to students consisting of both private and Government ones.

link to all the details regarding scholarships -

  • Loans - There are many students in IIT Bombay who are not from good financial background so a lot of Banks provide education loans at 0 % interest rate like CANARA BANK and STATE BANK OF INDIA ( Both are located inside the campus). They can be easily availed with no difficulties.

 Recently There has been a HIKE in fee system which is being heavily criticised and no final decision has yet been taken by the MHRD ministy !


  • One of many perks of having the education from IIT Bombay is that every BIG company visits here to select students for Placements & Internships .

  • Microsoft , Google , Facebook , Goldman Sachs , Oracle are some example of MNC that visit IIT Bombay to hire students. Apart from this University, others from around the globe come to seek an internship . In Marketing and sales departments , a lot of Start-ups also visit IIT to hire students . 

  • Average salary figures : IIT Bombay has very strict policy on keeping the placement details as confidential as possible . But we as students keep ourselves updated with the help of seniors. So Highest salary always goes to Student of computer science which can vary from Rs. 600000 - 20000000 per Annum. Some electrical students also manage to get such salary figures. Average salary figures for IIT Bombay students is around 7-8 Lakh per Annum. Percentage of batch placed - Answer to this question is very subjective , as a lot of students don't appear for placements as they want to pursue higher studies or do some other things. So out of those who appear for placements , around 90 % students manage to get placed 

  • Alumni network - Alumni network at IIT Bombay is amazing and very rewarding. We held SAM (student alumni meet) every year to let the students get an exposure of life after IIT Bombay. Alumni donates a lot of money to institute which is being used in Hostels and making buildings in the campus.


  • There are in total 17 hostels out of which 15 are for Male students and 2 for female students. Hostel fee is no taken per month, it is taken per semester and already mentioned in the Fees & Scholarship section Hostels are not a great place to live in , rooms are very small and very old as they were built many years ago . Hostel 15,16,17 are newly built hostels which are very good and have big rooms and all other facilities which other hostels don't have.
  • IIT Bombay does not allow students to live outside the campus .
  • Food is good in some hostels and very bad in other ones . Food is hostel 4 is the worst and Hostel 7 has the best food in the campus. The cost of per day meal is around 100-120 rupees .
  • Quality of classrooms is world-class and are well equipped with State of the art technologies , Institute has a big library which has all the books required for students . Wi-Fi is available in every hostel and every academic entity inside the campus but is not available at other places as cafeterias , shops, and sports facilities.


  • IIT Bombay has a society for everything , you name it , we have a club for it.

  • IIT Bombay hosts ASIA's largest college and technical festivals. MOOD INDIGO ( cultural festival) attract a crowd of over 100,000 people every day during its 4-day span in December. TECHFEST ( technical festival ) invites the student from all around the world to showcase their Robots , machines, and other such inventions.


 Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process Know more

  • CS 207  ( Discrete structures ) is a core course in Computer Science stream for 2nd year student at IIT Bombay . This course has no pre-requisite but this course is pre-requisite for many upcoming courses in our stream.


  • There are no cutoffs or eligibility criteria as this is a core course which every student Pursuing B.Tech in computer science has to complete. 

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