Nagabhargavi Narla

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering) | Batch of 2017

G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, [GNITS] Hyderabad Review by Nagabhargavi

Overall Rating : 10 / 10

Written on 27 Oct 2016

Academics & Faculty
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10 /10

  • The class timings are from 9:30 am to 4:10 pm with a 10 minutes break for 11:10 am and the lunch break from 1:00pm to 1:40pm at GNITS.
  • There will be two labs for each semester with sophisticated equipment and ultimate safety in the laboratories.
  • The teaching quality is amazing, practicals and classes are held using OHP when needed. 

Fees & Scholarship
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10 /10

  • The course fee per year is around 84,000 INR at GNITS.
  • Scholarship options are available to people with the annual income of below 1 lakh INR and to the studnets who achieved an EAMCET rank of below 10,000.
  • Per year around 30 members gets scholarships from ach department.
  • Loans may not be needed buut in any case of education loan need, all the government banks provied educational loan for the employees asa well as for the outsiders.

Placements & Alumni Network
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10 /10

  • I have done my internship in my third-year first-semester break.
  • I did my internship in BHEL Hyderabad.
  • There was no stipend as I am still pursuing bachelors.
  • That was very helpful for my academics, in fact, an internship is something which can be credited as a partial fulfillment of academics. 
  • Presently I am in my fourth year engineering and I have two offer letters in my hand from renowned IT industries Infosys and Accenture with a pay of Rs 3.25 and 3.5 lakhs per annum respectively.
  •   Companies like Deloitte, Infosys, Accenture,  ADP, Visa, JP Morgan, CDK global, amazon, Wells Fargo and much more will be attending the college in the first semester of the final year. 
  • Packages like Rs 6.5 lakhs per annum, 7.7 lakhs per annum and Rs 8.5 lakhs per annum companies will be attending our college on campus.
  •  Alumni meets will be conducted every year in GNITS where we meet our successful seniors who are not just into engineering, technical and software fields but also into many other careers like journalism, business management, HR, film industry etc,

Infrastructure & Transportation
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10 /10

  • The overall count of students as hostellers is around 800.
  • There are two buildings built solely for the purpose of hostels.
  • The safest part is that the hostels are built inside the college so parents need not worry about their children and the hostel fee is Rs 54000 per year andaAC room fee will be around Rs 75000 per year at GNITS.
  • There are many private hostels outside the college with  a monthly pay of around 2000-3000 per month.
  • Meal cost is included in the hostel food mess.
  • There are a total of three canteens and the rates are nominal.
  • It is a Wi-fi enabled campus with lots and lots of greenery and with a sophisticated library

Clubs & Associations
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9 /10

  • There are many college student societies and clubs available.
  • National Social Service, Tejas, alacrity, lead India, literary club, persona, Iete, techno boom, IEEE etc.
  • Fests like verve(sports fest of Hyderabad), cultural fest alacrity etc, are conducted at GNITS

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • This college is a dream come true for every engineering aspiring students out there, especially for girls.
  • My EAMCET rank was 6558 and I got into EEE stream in this college.
  • My parents were actually very scared that being a non-local I can't get into CS or IT in GNITS.
  • But as they spoke to the college administration people they saw the previous placement results which were amazing.
  • Almost all the EEE students got into software industries and the percentage of people placed was 98%.
  • The typical cutoff for my course was 10,000 for a local student and 4000 for 7000 for a non-local student.
  • There are no any special entrance exams that you need to take to join in this college.
  • EAMCET rank is enough. You can also get in with a well numbered JEE MAIN rank.

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