Ridhi Arora

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} | Batch of 2018

Daulat Ram College, Delhi University Review by Ridhi

Overall Rating : 7 / 10

Written on 20 Oct 2016

Academics & Faculty
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9 /10

  • Class timings in this semester are usually from 8:30am to 4:50 pm with the breaks in between.
  • Somedays the classes are over at 12:30 only.
  • There is a shortage of rooms so this happens at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.
  • We are given projects, assignments in class and also for home but thanks to our teachers for their guidance that we are able to do those easily.
  • Exams are conducted semester wise according to the guidelines of DU.
  • Both the quality and method of teaching are good. Seminar halls, lecture theaters, Labs, classrooms all are used to teach.
  • Overall experience in college regarding academics is very good. Our faculty is really nice.

Fees & Scholarship
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5 /10

  • The course fee for this year is Rs 14615 at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.
  • There are the options to apply for a scholarship.
  • But those are available to the students who are financially weak.
  • According to my knowledge, the students who apply for fee concession and submit the required documents get it.
  • No, there is no need to take a loan.
  • The fee is not that high it is reasonable.

Placements & Alumni Network
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6 /10

  • I have done many internships but none was from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.
  • I got those internships after a lot of hard work through my friends.
  • I have interned with Livon Serum as a Campus Ambassador, Academistic.com as a marketing intern and then also worked with the company as a Social Media Marketing Team Leader, I have worked with Auction Stars with the same post.
  • I have worked with Chtrbox, BECxpress, QS Interns, Star Wars, Project Aashayein: a collaboration of Worldvision and Green Room.
  • Most of them were unpaid. And I got a stipend from a few which was basically performance based.
  • My maximum stipend till mow is Rs 8000 for 15 days of work. E&Y, KPMG, Dilloid are the key companies where the students of our college get campus placement.
  • Work is basically in marketing, finance or sometimes sales. More or less its auditing and accounts handling.
  • The average salary figure is Rs 3 lakhs per annum and the highest salary figure is Rs 5 lakhs pe annum.
  • About 40 to 50% of the students who apply get placement.
  • Till now we are very less aware of our Alumni. Rarely do we get to know about and talk to our Alumni.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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5 /10

  • There is only one hostel in our college.
  • Its fee is high but if we consider the facilities then it's reasonable.
  • Hostel is very well maintained. Cleanliness and discipline are ensured to the best level. Food is also of good quality. Rules are strict.
  • But the activities conducted in the hostel at the time of festivals or occasions make the experience worthwhile.
  • There are numerous options available for PGs and hostel outside college ranging from Rs 6000 to Rs 20000 per month.
  • Also, the flat facility is available at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.
  • College canteen is not so good. Some stuff is really tasty but it lacks variety still its good as it is pocket-friendly for students and also proper hygiene is maintained by ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene measures.
  • Also, it is not that spacious. But since the canteen is renovating hope it changes for the better.
  • Infrastructure is really bad. Wifi is good. Labs and libraries are in good condition and properly maintained.

Clubs & Associations
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7 /10

  • The life in college is really happening but only for those who are well aware of all the events and competitions held in or around the college.
  • There are the societies serving to the every need and area of interest of students ranging from dance both Indian and western, music, dramatics, quiz, debate, Women Development Cell, placement cell, Entrepreneurship development cell, etc.
  • Also, there are societies like Leaders For Tomorrow, Enactus, Education Tree, NSS, NCC, etc.
  • There are mid-semester fest, annual fest, departmental fest and events, DU fest.
  • Overall college life is full of surprises, excitement, and hectic at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • The admissions are based on merit.
  • The marks of best four subjects in class 12th are included in calculating the percentage which is then matched to the cut off. 
  • To have Maths as a subject is a compulsory while to its optional to include its marks in calculating the best four marks' percentage.
  •  When any science background student or the one without Maths as the subject in class 12th apply for the commerce stream there calculated percentage was reduced by 2% .
  •  There are separate cutoffs for different economic categories and also for students with commerce and science backgrounds. Also, the admissions take place through ECA. 
  • For that option, the student has to apply for this option to get admission through the submission of a form. 
  • Then the tests are conducted related to the ECA specified followed by an interview and then the ones who clear it are offered admission.
  •  The same goes for the students who opt for sports. So, the eligibility can be assessed on the basis of merit, ECA and Sports depending upon the option we choose while filling registration forms.
  •  There is no entrance examination. 
  • The typical cutoff for my course is 95% or above to get into Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.


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