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Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] | Batch of 2017

Christ University Review by Pushpak

Overall Rating : 7 / 10

Written on 07 Jan 2015

Academics & Faculty
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6 /10

  • The Academics at Christ University for the BBA program are hard to compete with. They meet all industry standards and are continuously reviewed in order to ensure that they keep up with national standards. It's hard to pick any other university in India that offers such a comprehensive curriculum. Having said that, the course by itself is extremely restrictive, monotonous and generic. There is minimal scope for choosing your own subjects.
  • Moreover, most subjects are theory oriented with little real life application. It is especially hard to choose courses outside your primary field in order to diversify your thinking.
  • The faculty ranges from outright poor to fantastic. While some teachers are genuinely good at what they do, most of them are extremely poor.
  • Teachers are assigned to different sections at random and thus the odds of getting a good teacher for a subject are quite low.

Foreign Exhange & International Exposure
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7 /10

  • While the program might not fare well against those offered by foreign universities, BBA at Christ has the most amount of international exposure in the country.
  • The college allows students to attend summer schools at foreign universities and gives credits for the same.
  • In addition, the University has a couple of scholarship based, internship/study programs in Washington in association with the Prudential Foundation.
  • In this regard, there is a fair degree of international exposure. However, there are few exchange programs.

Fees & Scholarship
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9 /10

  • Christ University has quite a reasonable fee structure in the first place. The fees for 3 years for the program is pegged at Rs. 300,000  or roughly 5000 USD for the entire program.
  • In terms of scholarships and financing, students with special financial situations can apply for financial aid to the university and their application is assessed.
  • Quite a few rural Indians who face genuine financial hardships receive financial aid for their studies from Christ University.

Placements & Alumni Network
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7 /10

  • Christ holds quite a strong footing when it comes to internships and job placements. Students are required to compulsorily intern in their 4th Semester during their summer holidays.
  • As for job placements, Christ attracts a range of MNC's and financial companies such as Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Facebook, Google, Zomato, BMW etc. for their placements.
  • The average pay package right out of college is at Rs. 400,000 a year.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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7 /10

  • Christ University has excellent infrastructure.
  • The classrooms are large and spacious.
  • They are also equipped with AC.
  • The campus is Wi-Fi enabled though some sites are restricted.

Hostels & Food
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8 /10

  • Christ University does not offer to house for most students. Students generally live in Paying Guest Homes, Hostels, and Apartments off campus.
  • There are a wide array of such services in the close vicinity of Christ University.
  • As for food, students can either eat at one of the several canteens available in Christ University or consume the food of their choice from thousands of eateries in the area.
  • The canteens at Christ are reasonably priced, hygienic and offer everything.

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