Sanket Srivastava

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering) | Batch of 2018

BML Munjal University, [BMU] Gurgaon Review by Sanket

Overall Rating : 9 / 10

Written on 22 Jun 2016

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

  • We have a fixed time of all the classes and any lab or workshop visit is included in this time. Projects and assignments are an integral part of every institution so we can't get rid of them anywhere we go. We are given the assignments or projects based on what we are taught and then a date is given before which we are supposed to sumit them. Exams are conducted semester wise but in a single semester is again divided in two i.e. mid sem and end sem.
  • The method of teaching is good as the teachers are highly qualified and they always welcome the students to come and meet them in case of any doubt.
  • Our university is new but still in my point of view we have achieved a lot of success in these two years only and I am really enjoying my life here.

Fees & Scholarship
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9 /10

  • Well fees is something which is completely under the rights of the university. So, any change in them has to be accepted. It's obvious that private universities charge more than government universities and so if I tallk about my fees it is INR 12,50,000 for the complete four years which includes everything. Scholarships are available and the criterias for it is either through JEE mains or school percentage. After confirming whether you are eligible or not you got to apply for it as soon as possible because it is given on the basis of first come first serve. I am also studing on the basis of loan but I have applied for it personally. Our university has a tie up with Yes Bank so I think they may help in availing the loan. 

Placements & Alumni Network
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10 /10

  • Our internships start right from the first year under Practice School. In the first year students are taken to various industries where they are shown their working process and methods. In the second year a proper Internship is done i.e. students will be required to go to offices and work on the projects given by them. Students are free to go to their own selected companies and in case if he/she is not able to get any company on own then also it's no issue because the university will make sure that each child gets a minimum of two companies and then based on CGPA it will be decided that which student will go to which office. Companies for every branch offered internship to the students. Right now only one MBA batch has been placed so far and as a starting university I would say that the results were very good. The alumnis are the best part of BMU because we have got students from all over the country and few from Nepal also.  

Infrastructure & Transportation
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9 /10

  • Right now there are 4 hostels in the university. One hostel is of tower type i.e. common bathroom and stuffs and the other three hostels are of apartment type i.e. 4-5 rooms in a single apartment with a common area and facility of Refrigerator also. It's compulsory for all the students to take hostels. Fooding is very nice as compared to other universities as we have Sodexo here which manages the things such as fooding, cleanliness,etc. The overall infrastructure is nice. 

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

  • There are various clubs and societies realted to everything that one think of. We have students from every part of the country so all the festivals are celebrated with the enthusiasm and enjoyment. Life is great in BMU.

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