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B.E (Electrical/Electronics) | Batch of 2018

srivastava's review on Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi [BIT Mesra]

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 03 Jun 2015

Academics & Faculty
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9 /10

Birla institue of technology,mesra is a deemed university under the UGC act,1956 is one of the most advanced engineering colleges in INDIA. it is a technical oriented institute of higher education located 18km fro ranchi which is the heart of jaharkand is widely known college for its adroit and experienced faculty and for its excellent academics.

BIT mesra functions under the control of a Board of governors,comprising representatives of the minister of human resources devolopments,government of india,the U.G.C.,the state government the chancellor,the A.I.C.T.E.,the hindustan charity trust and the institue faculty.CK Birla is the chairman of the board of governors.the governor of the state of jharkhand is the chancellor of the institue,the technical council headed by vice chancellor decides the academic policy of the institue.

It is located 18km from ranchi city in a 780 acre setting at the watermeet of the rivers jhummar and is entirely residencial campus providing lodging to both under graduate and postgraduate including 600 memebers of staff and faculty.

classes are conducted five-days a weak starting from 8:00am in thhe morning till 5:00pm in the evening which include two hours of lunchresses.

Students studing in BIT mesra are tested by

* MID sem exams in every sem.(for 25 marks).with 3 modules of syllbus.

* Two quizes in everysem which may include assignments also.(each 15 marks best of two will be taken).

* at end of the sem END sem exams are conducted.(for 60 marks).


BIT mesra provide with 20 academic offers both undergarduate degrees and postgradate degrees in various engineering departments.Msc degrees are offered in applied sciences and B.Pharm/M.pharm in pharmaceutical sciences.the university also offers master of bisiness administratio(MBA) program and also bachelor of hotel management and catering technology(BHMCT).


undergraduate program:

B.E: through jee mains

B.ARCH:through jee main.

B.pharm:through jee main and AIPMT.

BHMCT:through institue entrance exam and interview.


M.E./M.TECH:through GATE.

M.B.A.:through CAT.

M.C.A. based on online entrance exam.


Quality and methodology of teaching is amazing as the institue consists of adroit and experinced faculty.The university is also the place for excellent academics.professor are student-friendly they teach the students in a well organized way and the are also online accessible thorugh email.


students of BIT mesra should contain atleast 75% of attendance or else they would fall in F* region which leads to suspension of END sem exams in specific subject. these students should clear the subject at summer time called short term course.


BIT mesra follows CGPA system unlike other colleges.

     marks                         grade               pointer

     90-100                          EX                         10

     80-90                            A                         9

     70-80                            A                         8

     60-70                           B                         7

     50-60                            B                         6

     40-50                           C                         5

     <40                             D                       4

     <22                            F                        0





Foreign Exhange & International Exposure
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7 /10

BIT msera has collaborative arrangements with USA, UK, CANADA, FRANCE, ITALY, DENMARK, NETHERLANDS, SPAIN, PAKISTAN and CHINA.

  • the institue has an agreement with purdue university,USA of students exchange program.
  • the institue has an agreement with the university of leeds in UK adding an option of getting dual degrees, one from BIT and other from universities of leeds for EEE and production engineering of BIT mesra.
  • BIT mesra is one of the two asian eduacational patners of university of new Brunkswick,saint jhon of canada in the field of bisiness administration.
  • BIT mesra is among five leading science and technology institutions in india eligible for cargill global scholors program working with the institue of international education.
  • Bit mesra is an educational patener in conducting an international PhD in computer science financed by minister of eduacation,universities and research,italy.

these are some of the international exposure in BIT mesra.there are vast opertunities in internation market after achiving degree from BIT the university is established in year 1956 many students are exchanged under student exachange program.nearly 100 studets gets opertunities in student exachange program every year.

Mainly english and hindi are the languages spoken in campus. university mainly engcorages english speaking in the campus.


Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

BIT mesra provides scholarships for meritious students admitting in BE and BArch program.

100% scholarship for rankers 1-1000 in jee main for gen and 1-25000 for sc/st.

75% scholarship for rankers 1001-2500 in jee mains for genral and 25001-40000 for sc/st.

50% scholorship for rankers 2501-4000 in jee mains for genral and 40001-60000 for sc/st.

these scholarships are continued after 1st year ONLY if the student secures 7.5 CGPA in genral and 7.0 CGPA in sc/st.


Additional scholarships of 50% and 25% are provided for students who secure 8-9 CGPA in previous sem an 9-10 CGPA respectivily.

Bank loans are also acceptible in the has facilty of SBI and UCO branchs where loans can be applied with respect to the bank requriments.

Nearly 30% students are provided with scholarships everyyear.central government also provies scholarships for SC and ST students.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

Students in BIT mesra are provided with large job oppertunities more than 100 companies come to BIT mesra to select students. Training and placements division is wellestablished department in the university. Students achive fat salaries in the campus placements. FACEBOOK,GOOGLE,MICROSOFT,CISCO,WIPRO etc ate the companies which provied large salaries for students. In BIT mesra from past many years 100% placements are achived. in the year 2012 63L was offeres to 3 members in BIT mesra.average package of 4.5L is achived every year.


BIT mesra has 10th best alumni in INDIA.

  •  rajiv kaul, is the youngest managing directir of Microsoft in INDIA,is the student of C.S.E in BIT mesra
  • Padma shri madhavan chandra dathan takes over as the director of vikram saravhai space center.
  • Deven sharma is the exclusive vice president standard & poor's ,a division of the McGraw-Hill companies.
  • K.N.Rao, CEO & board of director,DCM shriram industries ltd.

these are some of the notable alumni of BIT mesra which vibrantly shows the opertunities in jobs and interships for students.


Infrastructure & Transportation
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9 /10

BIT mesra have best campus facilities around our country

  • golden jubilee auditorium as well as a mini auditorium which provides place for 1500 students during convocations or meetings.
  • 100 Mbit/s LAN connection for all BIt hostel rooms.
  • indian railway reservation counter.
  • SBI and UCO bank branches and ATM's
  • ICICI bank ATM.
  • buses run between campus and ranchi city everyday at regular intervals.
  • 15 bed hospital with 24*7 staff and an ambulance in emegency.
  • sports complex which include batminton indoor stadium,volleyball courts,tennis courts, etc.
  • A three stored libary is center for more than 100000 books.
  • PARAM 10000 super competer which was gifted by C-DAC has a home in BIT mesra.

BIT mesra has the best campus life.

Hostels & Food
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8 /10

BIT mesra consists of 13 hostels which include 2 hostels for girls and 11 hostels for boys.

  • Fully secured and ragging free environment.
  • fully furnished and well ventilated rooms
  • 24*7 internet facilites via LAN in each room. students are provide with 500Mb internet everyday for everystudent.
  • indoor and outdoor games.
  • departmental store near every hostel.
  • laundry serviced twice a weak.
  • TV rooms which include English,Hindi and regional channels.
  • hygienic food in mess with both veg and non-veg dishes.

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

BIT mesra consists of 20 active clubs which include both techinical and cultural phase.these clubs help the students to enhance their knoowledge and provide a platform.

  • ACM for CSE students
  • dance club
  • IETE club(electronics and telicommunication)
  • fine arts society
  • IEEE,students chapter
  • IET students chapter
  • LEO club
  • literacy club
  • music club
  • NAPS(news and publications society)
  • photographic society(PSOC)
  • team robolution
  • rotraract club
  • SAE
  • sports and adventure club
  • NCC
  • NSS

these are the clubs which help the students to improve there skill in the areas there are intrested.

Social Atmosphere
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10 /10

Annual festivals are organized every year.these festivals encourage the young talents.students from many colleges visit BIT mesra during these festivals which increases the rational development among the students.

  • BITotsav:five day festival generally organised in february-march.teams from BIT and other colleges participate to win prizes during the event.the main attractions are band-night,dance-night,music-night,pro-night in pro night celebraties around country come to BIT mesra faran akthar in 2013, salim-suleman in 2014 are kind of epitome.
  • Pantheon: its generally the techinical fest of BIT.clubs like IETE,IET,IEEE,ROBOLUTION take part in this festival. it also consistd of cultural nights which are organised by dance club,music club members.
  • Deepotsav: it is a cultural fest organized during diwali by LEO club
  • Rostra it is the annual literary meet organized by literarcy was started in 2012 but has increasting popularity every year.
  • Dandia night:annual cultural fest organized by dance club at the time of navaratris.

These events and festivals bring the students together and makes the social atmosphere socilased.

universities strickly prohibit the use of alcohol and cigreets in the campus if the student is found doing thesre unnessercy things he/she will be suspended and action of black dot will be taken which will effect the students carrier.and the university do not allow the student to sit in the exams nor placements.


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