Aditi's review on Birla Institute of Technology and Science, [BITS] Pilani

Aditi's Bio

College: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, [BITS] Pilani

Degree: Master

Program: M.Sc (Economics)

Graduated in : 2018

Discipline: Business and Management


Rating given: 8 out of 10

Aditi's review on Birla Institute of Technology and Science, [BITS] Pilani | Written on: 14 Jan 2016


  • In BITS, we are bestowed upon by a lot of freedom. We are allowe to make our own time tables, get the teachers of our choice, etc. Attendance is also not compulsory. So, everything including the projects are opted by us according to our convenience. As fas as the examinations are concerned, the timings are apt. Some quizzes are taken in the tutorial hours and the mid sems happen arround the middle of the sem and the comprehensive exams in the end. 
  • The quality and method of teaching varies from one teacher to another. The overall quality and metholody of teaching is decent as all the professors are highly qualified. They use slides in the class in addition to videos they show and books they refer that enable us to get a better grasp of the subject. If any furthur assistance is required, Students generally feel no hesitation to go to the teacher and ask. 
  • The overall experience of the college has been outstanding. College has provided me wit clarity about what i want to do with the rest of my life. There are innumerable opportunities that are offered. There is a plethora of activities to chose from and clubs to be a part of- from social work to investing in stock markets. The numbers of couses offered and the degrees given are vast. I believe its upto the students to tap the full benifit out of them. So many chances to explore, meet really talented people from all over the country and learn from them. . There is an opportunity to explore so much, find out what you are good atThe professors are really motivating. Our college was rated as one of the most beautiful campuses in India. The isolation of the location away from the cities helps a lot. There are so many facilities that are provided that make our lives so easy. in the end I would like to mention the fests: That ois the time everyone waits for and it is worth checking out once. I am really proud to be a BITSIAN and hope I make my alma marter proud of me too. 



  • The fee mounts upto approximately Rs 2 lakhs per year.
  • There are 2 types of scholarships: merit awarded to those who are amongst the top 1% of their stream and merit-cum-need who have poor financial circumstances.
  • Very few people get merit schoalrships. The competition is very high. Merit-cum-need more people get. The only condition is to have your cgpa above 7.
  • Loans are most definitely needed. Most of the students who study here are middle class. They are easily available. State Bank of India would be the topmst choice amognst students.


  • One internship after 1st year, no stipend and 1 after 3rd sem, 8k.
  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Shell, Schlumberger, Samsung, Boston Consulting Group, Golman Sacs etc
  • Highest salary: Rs 1.2 Cr, percentage: 90%
  • The alumni network of our college is superb. There are people found in a wide range of field like politics, entrepreneurship, corporate industry, entertainment industry, sports etc. They represent our college and make us so proud. An organisation called BITSAA helps us with funds whenever required. 


  • There is 1 girls hostel and 14 boys hostel. There is 1 more hostel for higher degree students. Some hiostels are really old but fortunately, rennovation work is going on currently. 
  • The food in the mess is satisfactory only. It is powered by sudexo. The price for breakfast and dinner are Rs. 50 and breakfast is Rs. 26.
  • A new academic area has been conducted underground. The quality of the classes, labs are top class. The ones in the old blocks are not that great. There is the clock tower which is the most recognised building on campus. The audi can not accommodate all the students unfortunately. The rotunda is exquisute and the library is huge consisting of an insane amount of books. There is no WI-FI but every room has a LAN cable and there are PC rooms too. There is a Student Activities Centre having the facilities of all the indoor sports as well as rooms for the departments. They are 2 large grounds and a number of resturants is there too. There are marts and stores for students and teachers to shop from. There are 1-2 parks as well. The campus is in a nutshell, amazing.


  • There are almost 15 clubs to pursue your hobby and passion, 10 departments which work for fests, Regional assocs for people who share the same culture and Department assocs for students to pursue their academi intersts as well as sports teams.  
  • We have all the 4 types of fests: Oasis( cultural), Apogee( technical), Bosm( sports), Interface ( management). Apart from them we have BITS MUN, TEDx, Junoon( Sports fest for disabled children), etc. To add to it, Oasis is the second largest cultural fest in India.
  • Life in college is awesome. Our college is brimming with talented people who are dexterous at what they do. Since, attendance is not an issue, some students who really want to pursue their degree further go for classes and the others are stuck in their rooms busy pursuing different things. Most of the people are involved in clubs, departments or assocs and work for them. In the evening, people go out for sports. During the exam time, the library or IPC gets full and becomes conductive for studying. Soon bookworms visit library often and find themselves drowned in books. There is immense exposure and knowledge flowing all over campus through teachers, seniors or the local intranet.  You make really good friends which is like a cherry on the cake. Fests are super fun, the classes are suspended and students from all over the country visit the campus. You learn a lot of things about life, about the world and in general. Its really a wonderful place to be at. 

As mentioned above You really learn how to manage your time well with academics and extra curricular activities. The teachers and seniors are so welcoming and caring.

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