Abhinav Sinha

B.Tech (Industrial Biotechnology) | Batch of 2004

Abhinav's review on Anna University, Chennai

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 08 Sep 2015

Academics & Faculty
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9 /10

A rigorous program with 40% of life science and 60% of chemical engineering component. The faculty are very good, with most having completed PhD and/or Post-Doc from top Indian research institutes or good schools in US and UK. As a result, the acads are really strong, and assessments are thought-provoking.

Foreign Exhange & International Exposure
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7 /10

International exposure is dependent on individual initiative, but the faculty support it by connecting students with universities abroad. Every year, about 10% students travel internationally for some project or the other. The language of communication is English, and the faculty are all very well versed in the language.

Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

Scholarships are minimal. Students bring their own scholarships like NTSE and national and state boards' scholarships, apart from prestigious fellowships like JNCASR or TIFR fellowships.

Placements & Alumni Network
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7 /10

Students get internships at top companies in Chennai and nationally. Almost all students who want to go through campus placements get placed, as Anna University (main campus) is the most prestigious engineering institution in Tamil Nadu, after IIT, Madras. Average salary is probably around 7-8 Lakh. Alumni netowrk, though large, is rather inactive.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

Great campus, well equipped classrooms. Well within the city, and well connected by public transport. The labs are also quite state of the art, with facilities like the Ramanujan COmputing Centre and the Taramani Bioprocess Lab.

Hostels & Food
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8 /10

On-campus accomodation is easily available and is of a good standard. The food is primarily South Indian, and not of great quality. Off-campus accomodations are reasonable, too, in Adyar and Kotturpuram areas. Many restaurants are available within a 2km radius.

Social Atmosphere
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7 /10

Most students are primarily South Indians, especially Tamilians. About 10% of the students are from other parts of the country. Not a party school at all. Many restaurants, pubs present nearby.


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