Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering) | Batch of 2015

Amrita School of Engineering, [ASE] Coimbatore Review by HARIHARAN R

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 15 Nov 2016

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

  • Classes are 50 minutes each and are held from 9am to 4pm on weekdays only.
  • There is a 1-hour lunch break from 1pm to 2pm.
  • Exams are on a semester system, which is two exams in one year.
  • Internal exam marks have 60% weightage and remaining 40% are for the external exams.
  • Assignments are given as a part of the daily curriculum. The teaching is mainly done through lectures.
  • The college has good faculty who are very knowledgeable and highly qualified in their respective fields.
  • They do their best to impart proper knowledge and understanding to the students about the subject.
  • The overall experience in college is very good as it is a very good place to learn new things and also showcase your talent.
  • It is also very strict regarding its rules and regulations.

Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

  • The course fee for ASE is Rs 2.75 lakhs per year.
  • There are not many scholarships provided by the college.
  • Only, for the students who are financially weak, the college may exempt the tuition fee.
  • This exemption is done only when the college finds that the candidate is deserving but cannot join the college due to financial constraints.
  • The average amount of students getting a scholarship are around 10.
  • The college does not do much in helping the student get the loan for the fees.
  • But, due to the goodwill of the college, it is easy to get loans from whichever bank you go.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

  • The college does not provide any internship.
  • Any internship needed by the student has to be done by the student himself.
  • The main companies coming for placements are L&t, Caterpillar, TCS, CTS, Microsoft, Google, etc.
  • Mainly, the roles for which the students are hired is graduate engineering trainee and software engineer.
  • The average salary figure that the companies provide is around Rs 3.5 lakhs.
  • Highest placement salary figure goes up to Rs 15 lakhs per annum.
  • 95% students get placed from the college, Amrita School of Engineering, [ASE] Coimbatore.
  • The college also has a good alumni network.
  • This alumni network is used well to get big companies for placements.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

  • The hostel fee is Rs 45,000 per year.
  • The hostel infrastructure is not that great.
  • It is always advised to stay in PGs nearby as they are cheap(Rs.5000 per month) and provide good facilities.
  • Food is just about average and is a bit expensive too as it costs Rs. 100 per meal.
  • The college has good libraries. Labs are there for every desirable stream.
  • The classrooms are well equipped and have projectors that are used in case needed.
  • The college also provides good Wi-Fi connectivity to students. Overall, the infrastructure of the college is really good.

Clubs & Associations
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8 /10

  • The main festivals on the campus are Anokha and Gokhulashtami.
  • There are clubs for dance, drama and music.
  • There are Science clubs and every department has its own club.
  • Sports is not that much promoted but the college still has an annual sports day.
  • The clubs of the college organise various fests and seminars that help the students learn more.
  • The overall life in the college is very good but, the rules and regulations are to be followed strictly.
  • The college gives plenty of opportunities but does not compromise on discipline.


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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process:
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