Jugal's review on Amity University, Noida

Jugal's Bio

College: Amity University, Noida

Degree: Bachelor

Program: Applied Psychology

Graduated in : 2017

Discipline: Humanities and Art


Rating given: 6 out of 10

Jugal's review on Amity University, Noida | Written on: 15 Jul 2016


The Daily routine is good. The basic policy is that if it's working day, at least 3 lectures (of any subjects) should be delivered to each class. Though, sometimes the department fails to adhere to such basic places and then entire day passes out without doing anything productive. Assignments are given on regular basis but since we have 12-13 subjects, it is burdensome sometimes. Projects are usually given in the last 2 months of the semesters and such projects do give us an opportunity to learn more about the subject.


The quality of teaching is average. Some professors are clear with the concepts they teach while others are not so good at teaching. So, we have 12-13 subjects, this means that 12-13 teachers are assigned to one class for teaching their respective subjects but barely 3-4 turnout to be professors who are good at teaching, whose classes are worth attending. Still, teachers try their best by taking us to labs, providing books and notes, showing powerpoint presentations and videos during the lectures. 

The overall experience at the college is average. What's disappointing is that even though amity provides state of the art services, there is no regular maintenance of the infrastructure. They have literally overcrowded the campus, teachers teach us subjects in which they have no specialisations (except few), so many assignments labs are rarely used so there's more focused on the theoretical part of the curriculum but the practical part is not given any attention. Good thing is that they force us to prepare research papers which allow us to learn new, they encourage us to conduct primary research and get it published, plus it's also mandatory to intern during summer holidays so it's the student's responsibility to learn by himself/herself to apply what is being taught but they do not teach us how to apply what we learn. 


  • The course fee is Rs 90,000 per year which is extremely high and might be unaffordable to majority of students who are seeking psychology. It's better to take admission at delhi university because paying so much for a liberal arts degree is not practical.
  • Scholarships are available to students who have score 85%-100% in their boards. They can get their scholarships renewed each year if they continue to score excellent.
  • There's 50%scholarship available for students who are hardworking and belong from economically weaker sections. Usually, from a class of 60 students, 5-7 do manage to get a scholarship and they are awarded at an  annual function chaired especially by the founder president. 
  • One can opt for student loans and some do because of expensive tution fee, amity has connections with some banks and that's make it a bit easier to get loans. 


  • Internships are the vital part of the entire curriculum. The department has made it mandatory to intern during summer holidays, so in a 3-year programme, a student interns at least twice at different organisations. However, our department encourages students to intern at weekends as well or after college. One can easily get the recommendation letter required for internships. 
  • Placements are great, Amity invites members and representatives of many companies to have a look at their campus and the quality training they provide to their students. Engineering, law and other departments do manage to get attention from various companies of India and abroad and they do come to college for conducting their personalised evaluation. However, when it's about the placements of  the department of psychology, since it's such a small department, only toppers are allowed to sit for placements. 
  • Amity even has an online portal to keep in touch with former students but it's not so effective.


  • There are entire blocks dedicated to hostels. There are 5-7 blocks of hostels which have AC and NonAC rooms. However, the size of Non-AC rooms is too small for 3 students and despite bad-average level of conditions which prevail at hostels, hostel fees is extremely high. For AC room, it's cost is Rs 1,40,000 per year for one person and for Non-AC room is Rs 70,000 per year for one person. 
  • PGs located near to the college are great and they provide basic facilities with spacious rooms. However, these days luxury PGs too have come up which provide rooms with great interior design, wifi, gym and other facilities. 
  • In college, there are many places which serve food, we have our own dominoes and CCD. The cafeteria where majority of students prefer to eat daily vegetarian food is good, they take great care of hygiene and food tastes fine. It usually costs Rs 50-60 per meal but if you go to any restaurants or pizza centre, over there it's expensive. 
  • Quality is classrooms is good. All classes are centrally air conditioned with comfortable seats. Some classes are amphitheatre-styled with installed projectors.                                                                                                                                        Library is beautiful but sometimes, it's difficult to find a book which one needs but they do keep on adding more books in shelves dedicated to each department. They try to keep the latest version of magazines and other journals available to students, there's also access to amity's digital library which is connected to prestigious academic institutions, so their journals and publications are easily available. Wi-Fi works great and provides speedy access to internet.

Plus, we have a huge ground dedicated to people who are interested in sports. There are tennis courts, swimming pool and sports equipments accessible to all students. 


  • Each department has their own clubs and committees where students can participate, do something productive and socialise with the other students. However, University-level clubs too exist in which students from different departments head and become members of the club. 
  • Plus, as reported by my friends who live in the hostels, campus life is good. Amity celebrated all religious festivals within the campus, it also celebrates annual fest known as "amity youth fest" in which celebrities are invited, camps and stalls are set up and interesting workshops take place in all departments. Celebrities are invited in every few months. Plus, an intra-university sports competition is too held annually which allows sports loving people to participate and win medals/trophies. 
  • The college life, in general, is better and allows students to have some great time with their friends but strict attendance policy, burdensome responsibilities never fail to disappoint. 

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