Kaynat Muzaffar

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Physics) | Batch of 2016

Aligarh Muslim University, [AMU] Aligarh Review by kaynat

Overall Rating : 8 / 10

Written on 22 Mar 2016

Academics & Faculty
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8 /10

  • The University classes timings vary with each department where ours last 55 minute each, with a 5 min break after each class. The  Bachelor's programme is now even better with a three year semester system now introduced . This year marks system has been replaced with grading system and with the introduction of  Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), it's a boost up for gaining knowledge instead of digits. Each year consists of two semesters with mid sem and end sem. There not so much of projects on undergraduate level, but they do take experiental work really seriously.Lab works are expected to be completed each semester with each practical is completed with a viva voce.
  • One of the perks of studying in this University is it's Alumini association .The Alumini from throughout the globe that motivates the present students . Association such as  Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award (SSESA) ,AMU provides amazing guidance and financial support to the undergraduates to apply and broaden their horizons to study abroad. 
  • Now,Speaking about teaching.I think the quality and method of teaching varies with the quality and method of the indvidual 'teacher'. My department has some really young as well as experienced teachers and also some greatest teacher I have ever seen. But each one of them try their best to stay interactive and urge us to ask and speak up in class.  The syllabus revised now for semester system is bit less sufficient i.e many important topics have been omitted and it's lacking a bit . 
  •  We can spend our time in the seminar of the department all day long and teachers are always present around to answer if any query arises. There are interactive sessions on trending topics every once in a while. It's amazing to learn physics and do various courses that are offered by the guest professors.

Fees & Scholarship
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10 /10

  • Bachelor's programme asks for amount of 5000 INR as course fee annually.
  • It's amazing to see such availability of financial support for the students. There are various central government scholarships and students are made aware of them on a regular basis. There are various others within the university Alumini scholarships as well as merit scholarships based on exams.
  • 3 out of every 4 students get merit cum means scholarship. 
  • Any kind of loans are not needed as the availibilty of scholarship is enough to coverup the annual fees as well as any extra credits needed.

Placements & Alumni Network
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8 /10

  • I was selected for Summer Research Fellowship prgramme, whereas many of my classmates who are interested to move on to IT sectors have been selected through campus placement in great companies like Wipro, TCS , Relaince and many more.
  • Aligarh Muslim University is well known for it's alumini network spread throughout the globe. This Alumini network consists of famous actors as well as amazing authors, scientists, journalists, jurists and scholars, spanning from California to Japan. They are active participants in current development of the university with the financial and motivational support they provide to the students.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

  • There are 19 Halls of Residence and one Non-Resident Students Centre (NRSC). Hostels are in good conditions with great hygiene and a very green and fresh environment. Hostel fees per month is 1500 INR.
  • PGs options are a bit hard to find outside the university premesis. Their cost per month is approx 4000 INR.
  • The food in the mess can never be good where ever it is served.
  • Quality of classrooms are now getting better with not all but few smart classrooms. Labs are great with good assistance and up to date equipments. Wi-Fi is satisfactory with average speed of 100 kbps and the best thing about the hostel life is the average time of electricity shortage is approximately negligible. 

Clubs & Associations
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9 /10

  • There are clubs and societies for each and every field from Horse Riding cub to Cultural Education Centre(CEC) which is the most active one.
  • Most awaited events are the hall week organised by various hall in the month of Feb to April. 


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