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What is the admission procedure for B.Com at City College of Commerce and Business Administration, [CCCBA] Kolkata

Asked By: Anonymous 17 May 2016


Answer By: Getmyuni

17 May, 2016

Hi Wasim,


The admission procedure is conducted online. Students are required to fill in the admission forms posted on the college website, procure and download the receipt/ chalan from there and submit the same at the bank designated for this act. The merit lists are prepared in the descending order on the basis of marks obtained and duly posted on the website following which the selected candidates deposit the admission fees in the bank, go to the college and get themselves admitted. In case of candidates willing to pay in cash, they have to generate chalans through the website and deposit the same in the bank. Those who prefer paying online through debit/credit cards, are alllowed payment through online access.The admission process continues on the basis of deadlines specified for different merit lists prepared as per the number of seats filled up. Accordingly, the number of lists depends on the vacancies remaining after the expiry of each deadline. The list of admitted candidates is received through MIS from the bank.

The college adheres to the admission criteria outlined by the University of Calcutta and fixes the cut-off marks accordingly.


Rules and Regulations :

 i) The college has introduced Biometrics for the faculty and the staff of the college to maintain transparency in service. The procedure is followed both when the college hours start and the time when the college closes.

ii) In order to obviate overcrowding and chances of infiltration by unknown outsiders, the students are required to show identity cards at the gate.

iii) The college is an evening-session institution, but the office and the library open almost two hours before classes start. Students thus have the opportunity to avail of the extra time to study without missing the classes.

iv) In the event of absence of any teacher, the classes allotted to him/her are taken care of by some other teacher. In case no teacher from the respective department is present on a particular day, some other teacher is deputed to take his/her classes. This measure is adopted to keep students engaged, keep the academic ambience perfect and maintain discipline in the college.

v) The college follows the examination schedule prescribed by the university. It hosts Mid-term tests around November-December every year and the Test Examination around February-March. Besides, keeping in line with the practice adopted by the university, the college takes Supplementary Tests for candidates who have either fared badly in the college examination or have been unable to appear in the examination.

vi) Both the admission process and the process of filling in forms are conducted as per the rules, norms and time schedule prescribed by the university. 


The tuition fees for the students taking up Honours as their course of study are Rs. 85/- per month while for those taking up the General course of study the fees are Rs. 65/- per month. At the time of admission, Course Fees (including Tuition Fees for 1 year)for Hons. candidates are fixed at 4,410/-, just as for the General Course students, it is fixed at 4,170/-.


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